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Scammer using valid looking cashier's check

Posted: Thu Sep 28, 2023 3:01 pm
by kg0j
I was taken by a scammer calling himself David and purporting to be a Aero engineer working for a company that builds planes. He agreed to my price and sent me a cashier's check for the amount plus extra for a shipping/moving company to come pick up the amplifier. I thought ok, they have a safe way to transport the amp. We deposited the check and it was accepted by the bank and looked good and cleared. However a few days later it was charged back to us as a "altered/fictitious" check. It looked real and was drawn on Bank of America. His email address and domain looked valid as well. So you can't even trust a cashier's check now. I don't know if it matters but the original email address was This happened on QTH, he had no callsign. Part of the reason I proceeded with the deal was the valid looking cashier's check. My fault for not waiting long enough for it to clear even though the bank said it was good.