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Just what it says -- this is the place for any discussions not related to Buying, Selling and Trading ham gear. The discussion must be related to Ham Radio.
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Fox Tango International New Public Forum

Post by w4clm » Tue Jan 03, 2006 1:24 am

You are invited to join us on our new public fourm.

Big Changes have been made at Fox Tango International to the Public Forum and I hope you will consider signing in and participate on that forum as well as the Yahoo forums.

SEE & Sign in!
Fox Tango New Public Forum


Next, Steven KG6JEV upon the advice of the membership has assembled the Fox Tango Amplifier forum on Yahoo Groups and will be making an announcement on this soonest.

Next Tom KC9FOZ has undertaken a large project of which we are most in debited to him for. And that is cleaning up the web pages on the club site to make them run more efficiently. Making Photos smaller, condensing the size of those pix, making the pages smaller and efficient. This is an on going project and Tom has been putting a lot of time into this during his holiday break. We can't thank him enough for this contribution that was sadly in need of attention. As the end user you will eventually find that some pages have been broken down into smaller pages with the same information as before, but they will come up slightly different and pop up in new pages. This is being do to aid in faster loading for our friends with slower dial up connections.

The FT-857 Contest / Raffle is still a go and the drawing will be March 1st, 2006 We are not getting rich on ticket sales, but we have covered our expenses + some. So that's all we can ask.
More to follow on that later.
If you have not already taken part in this see:
Win an FT-857D or Heil PR-40 Info Click Here
Roughly 60 days left to go.

I hope you will continue to use the forums, use and enjoy the Fox Tango club throughout the up coming year.

Best Regards
Carol L. Maher W4CLM Administrator Fox Tango Int.
Stephen Peterson KG6JEV Forum Co-Owner
Tom Chapman KC9FOZ Forum Co-Owner /FT Web Master

Fox Tango International

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