How to tune an amp with a K4AVU Pecker?

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How to tune an amp with a K4AVU Pecker?

Post by AL7HG » Sun Jan 02, 2022 8:18 pm

I just found my K4AVU antenna pulsar and want to use it with my Icom 7300 and amp.

Does anyone have (or know) the paperwork/tuning procedure info for this? The pulsar has an Icom female plug on one end that goes into the microphone jack and a male plug for the microphone on the other end. I put the radio into SSB mode, but when I turn the operate button (toggle swiotch) on, nothing happens.

I Googled the K4AVU pecker, but no instructions showed up. K4AVU is a silent key, so his website or any other info I could use is unavailable. --

I used this with an Icom 7600 and Alpha amp, and it worked ok.
de AL7HG Dave

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