Inherited Radio equipment

Let others help you to determine what a piece of equipment is worth, before you put it up for sale.
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Inherited Radio equipment

Post by csparker » Wed Feb 27, 2019 4:32 pm

I have inherited quite a lot of radio equipment from my grandfather and have no idea what half of it is!! Let alone what it is worth. After my grandmother gave me this equipment over the holidays (my grandfather passed more than a decade ago and she just told me that all the radio equipment was left to me) i went and started studying. I now have my Technician level licence and am studying for my General in April.

I have plugged in a few of the mobile units and found that I have a Kenwood TM-741 that seems to have a short in the memory button on the face plate. it constantly beeps and switches to memory mode so I cannot use the radio unfortunately. Is there an easy fix for this? If not what is my best path for this radio?

I have a working Standard C 5608DA that works great!! That is probably going in my jeep.

Now the home base station stuff is the big question mark I have. There is an Icom IC 765 that has an Icom SP 20 speaker and an Icom SM 8 desk mike. That is my biggest question about what its worth and is it worth keeping and learning to use or should I try and sell to purchase a newer base station Rig. My grandfather was not a sentimental man so there isnt too much attachment to the equipment, its more the act of being a Amateur radio user.
There was also an amplifier ( Dentron Clipperton-l) and a 12v power supply. Not to mention two Swan watt and amp meters and a Daiwa NS 660pa SWR and power meter.

Let me know what everyone thinks of my best options for this equipment. I am extremely interested in learning and progressing as an amateur operator. Already participated in a QSO Contest on the Battleship USS North Carolina and that started a fire in me!!



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