"Still under warranty !" Do you think so sweet pea ?

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"Still under warranty !" Do you think so sweet pea ?

Post by ku3x » Sun Sep 17, 2017 7:20 pm

Selling and still under warranty ! Really? Is the warranty transferable? Show it in writing if it is. So many adds tell you that their equipment is under warranty. “Is it a total lie?” No! As long as THEY keep the radio it’s under warranty. Once you buy it, the equipment is no longer under warranty. The warranty is processed with the original sales receipt. That receipt does not have your name on it. So beware ! You are not getting any warranty unless it is in writing that it is transferable.

But here’s the best one. “I did not fill out the warranty card yet.” Big deal ! What does that mean? I think I still have my pink slip from my Kenwood TS820 laying around. Do you think if I fill out that card and send it in the TS820 is going to be covered? That pink slip means nothing !
“Warranties are based on date of purchase and you have to product the original sales slip with YOUR name on it.

So don’t get sucked in when you purchase a used radio from a for sale add.”


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