Beware Terry Lamb NON HAM

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Beware Terry Lamb NON HAM

Post by N9EYG » Thu Jun 08, 2017 5:10 am

I unfortunately ran into TERRY LAMB 65294 S 4710. RD WESTVILLE OKLAHOMA 74965 I put an ad interested in trading a practically new YAESU FT-991 for a ICOM IC-7000 now to the story I sent my 991 and he sent the 7000 to me and when I got it the tuning knob fell off the front of the radio and I didn't worry to bad about that next I hooked it up and when hook up to an antenna it had very poor receive and then I tried to transmit and it only put out maybe 5 watts on HF with the current draw of about 3 or 4 amps so I sent him a email wanting my 991 back and I sent the 7000 back to him.

And during the conversation on the phone he did mention that his computer had been recently hit by lightning and it should of threw up a red flag to me but it just didn't happen so now its a real problem .

Now he says that I blew up his radio and the afore mentioned knob fell off the radio while unboxing the radio and he has now going to get even with me and calling me a scammer so please beware about this one he plays dirty the good part about it is I have 2 witnesses that saw me unpack the ICOM and hook it up to check it out and there both fellow hams so I just wanted everyone to know about this guy.

Thanks and 73, Jim Pickett N9EYG

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Re: Beware Terry Lamb NON HAM

Post by Tiburon » Wed Mar 20, 2019 8:39 pm

He is a known scammer and scumbag extraordinaire. He has many emails and user names. Currently licensed under call sign W5AAR. He has won and not paid auctions on eBay under the user names of "painthorse009" and "roseyr7". eBay doesn't really care and their policies towards non-paying bidders are weak and have no teeth. So, he can easily open a new account and keep up his sleazy tactics of trying to scam others. Avoid him at all costs.

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