HTX 100/10 allowed but not HR2600

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HTX 100/10 allowed but not HR2600

Post by KG4FET » Wed Jul 02, 2014 12:24 pm

This rant, which I am sure will be deleted, was prompted by the deletion of an ad I posted for an UNMOLESTED, except for the lens on the backlight was changed from amber to green, Uniden HR2600 type accepted 10M only radio.
I am curious as to why the HTX 100, the conversion which is the SAME as the Uniden HR2510, and WILL cover 26.00-30.00 at 35 watts on USB and CW is ok to sell on QTH. The HTX 10 which has the same conversion as the Uniden HR 2600, CHANGE the main chip! Both of these radio are allowed to listed on QTH BUT the Uniden HR 2600 is not. It's because the FCC says it is easy to convert, bullship IT's NOT, even back in the day you still had to swap, a now unavailable chi,for the main chip. Nothing about unsoldering 2 32 leg IC's is easy and then solder one into place which is the only way to convert a Uniden HR2600, remove it's main chip, remove the main chip from a 2510 (who would do this?) and solder the 2510 chip in the 2600, THEN do the standard HR 2510 conversion to the 2600. BTW the Uniden HR2600 is type accepted for use on 10M. Using the argument that a radio is easy to convert and use on 11M isn't valid. ALL HF Non rock bound or HAM BAND ONLY. and many of those, are easy to convert to continuous coverage from 1.7-30MHZ this includes 11M! The MARS/CAP modd on most is lift a diode or clip a wire. Just Saying
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Re: HTX 100/10 allowed but not HR2600

Post by KF6BML » Thu Oct 02, 2014 10:27 pm

They are basically the same radio, minus a couple of filters, and a few components that allow it to work on other modes. But they are basically EXACT. Check out a schematic for both, and you'll see what I mean. If it is ran properly, and by a licensed amateur, then I don't see the problem as it would be a good little starter rig for someone wanting to get into the world of HF at a decent price.

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