Trade New PC For Ham Station ?????????

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Trade New PC For Ham Station ?????????

Post by wr0t » Sat Apr 17, 2004 5:30 am

Would love to trade u my new computer for the ft1000 or your TS 940 station.
1.P4HT 2.8 gz
2.40gz hard drive
3.120gz hard drive
4.52 speed cd rom
5.52x32x52 RW cd rom
6.P4800 mother broad
7.256mg gforce 5600 vidio card for high Graphics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8.1000mg of ram
9.1000on broad interlink card !!!!FAST!!!!!
10. 3.5 floppy
11.2 usb ports on front of cabent + Autio and vidio + 4 usb ports on back
12.3 cooling fans
13.Sound Blaster Audigy2 sound card
14. 5.1 Creative 6 speaker ss sys
15.17 inch Flat Screen Mon.
16.Windows XP pro
17.ProtectNet Ethernet/token ring port surge protecor for lighten!!!
18.Systemax Keybroad
19. HP with scroll wheel mouse 97
21.NAV 2003

I have over $3300.00 is this computer that I had built for racing online Nascar but I cant race anymore due

to my health.Ham radio is all I can do now and I sold all my ham gear to build this computer,so I want

to sale it or trade down to a older computer and get cash or IC765 or FT990 or a TS 940at.If u would

like to buy it out right the price is $2000.00 + Shiping

My email is .

Phone (336) 6859763 and my name is Donnie. Please help me get back in Ham Radio N4NCJ

This is a new Computer only 3 months old Thanks Guys N4NCJ

I got this in an email today, sounds like a heck of a deal for someone but not for me. Name does not match the call sign. I am sure it is probably just an oversite. So if ya want, go fer it.
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New PC for sale

Post by W4AJF » Tue Apr 20, 2004 6:05 pm

Isn't Donnie the same as Donald?

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Post by k4kk » Wed Apr 21, 2004 6:20 pm

I wouldn't go for it either but I think there is a little paranoia evident. "Donnie" could certainly be Donald. The area code matches the address. The email address (...@triad.rr...) is appropriate for the triad area of NC, too. I don't need a "gamer" PC but I wouldn't be concerned about any mismatches. They seem to match fine in my mind.

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