Shipping amplifiers and other valuable heavy items

Discussion of various shipping and packing methods, tips and tricks.
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Shipping amplifiers and other valuable heavy items

Post by k5xit »

Amplifiers, heavy like a Alpha 77: We build a plywood box 3/4 inch thick with reinforced corners. Make it large enough to put in stiff foam cutouts to protect all control knobs or a bag with foam that conforms to the equipment. put the amp in a plastic cover and screw the top on the box. The box is bolted to a small pallet. If you cannot do this it is in your best intrest to hire someone that can. The fork lift operators will still sometimes damage the box but I have never had a amplifier damaged. For transeivers without the original shiping box I use a generous amount of new bubble wrap, box it then put it into another 400 # box (all new). We ship electronics every day so I know of what I speak. Never Ever skimp on packing or boxes and you will do Ok. The fact is all the shipping companies have a lot of people that do not give a damn about taking care of your shipment. I realize that very few folks have acess to a foam system so new bubble is the next best option. You best plan for the worst handling. 73
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Re: Shipping amplifiers and other valuable heavy items

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during my last dealing, I use the advice of qth fellow operators, double box, real tight, and FEDEX, the other guy use original radio box only and USPS, as soon I saw the mail person with that box I almost call 911, radio moldings were broke, please always use double box even do be a minimal it will protect better the radio and the original box
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Re: Shipping amplifiers and other valuable heavy items

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I just bought an amplifier from a ham who did not want to ship. 13 hour drive away from me. I told him I have shipped several amplifiers, and packaged correctly, there is no problem. Well, he took the amp, Transformer and tube to the local UPS Store, on my advice. They used the flimsiest boxes they must have had. Slightly heavier than a shoe box. A couple wraps with bubble wrap, some popcorn and throw it on a truck.

All 3 boxes arrived a little crushed, but not enough to refuse the delivery. Amp and transformer are OK, but the $1200.00 tube is dead. :cry:

Lesson learned: don't trust someone to package it correctly. It is rocket science to some people.
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Re: Shipping amplifiers and other valuable heavy items

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Don't depend on the manufacturer's original box for safe packing and shipping of ANY radio gear.

Original boxes are not necessarily designed for shipment to the end user / purchaser. They're primarily designed for palletized shipping from the manufacturer to a central distribution point.

Just as retailers have an allowance for inventory shrinkage (a/k/a the fiver finger discount), manufacturers have an allowance for merchandise damaged in transit. When this allowance is repeatedly exceeded, a manufacturer redesigns the packaging.

Manufacturer and large retailers are high volume shippers. This gives them CLOUT and EXPERIENCE that one-piece shippers don't have when it comes to settling claims.

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Re: Shipping amplifiers and other valuable heavy items

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ALWAYS double box with a minimum of 2" of space between the inner and outer box on all sides!

Do NOT use packing peanuts on anything over 20 pounds, it will shift and flatten them during shipping. Over 20 pounds I buy sheets of cheap insulation from the lumber yard that have damaged edges(Usually 1/4 of the retail) and make custom cutouts for the knobs and connectors(sharp filet knife will do it, the thin blade will let you do a circle even! A hot knife works but can be messy). I use cut sheets of foam between the boxes. Yes the foam is an expense, if you are going to sell much consider it a business expense or add it to the cost of shipping.

When using packing peanuts don't just dump them in to the top and close the box! Shake it so they pack down and mound them up an inch or so over the lip of the box. You want then to slightly compress as the box is closed so the item is locked in place. Way to many times I have got a box 3/4 full of peanuts with the item rattling around loose and up against the side!
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Re: Shipping amplifiers and other valuable heavy items

Post by W3ESE »

Excellent Post!
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Re: Shipping amplifiers and other valuable heavy items

Post by n4glt »

I have shipped several radios,a few amplifiers, a HQ170 receiver & several other ham gear related items.
My method of packing is simple,I pack them like it was something I purchased & it was being shipped to me.
No problems so far.
73 N4GLT
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