Tips for posting Feedback

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Tips for posting Feedback

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In the past there have been a number of feedback posts that:
  • Were incomplete, leaving out key parts of the issue
  • Left out the identity of the offending ham
  • Were strictly personal, not belonging to this site at all
  • Were comments from others not related to the issue in any way, or
  • Were aggressive and threatening.
There is little doubt that accurate feedback providing call signs and/or names of people known to have a history of cheating on trades or scamming by lying, omitting relevant information, selling stolen goods, etc. is very valuable to all buyers, sellers and traders.

  • Tell the whole story. Be brief but don't leave out key ingredients.
  • Identify who you are talking about. If you are not sure about the real situation, don't post it until you are sure.
  • Stick to the facts. Tell what happened but leave out the personal judgements. Let the reader do the judging.
  • Refrain from adding personal comments unless you have actual experience with the individual being discussed and know more about the issue than has been already given.
  • Keep your comments relevant to the issue at hand.
  • Remember, whatever you write can be used as evidence in a court of law should the person or persons involved in the issue take legal action against you.
Your continued support is greatly appreciated!