Scammer posing as WB3BEF

For reports of scammers using other people's callsigns. Remember that any callsigns listed in this forum are likely innocent bystanders (subjects of identity theft) and, thus, are probably not guilty of anything. For bad transactions with verified ham operators, use the Feedback Forum instead.
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Scammer posing as WB3BEF

Post by ke6kjd »

Beware of anyone using the call WB3BEF offering to buy your equipment.
Scammer offered to buy my AL-80B but said he was in PA, but IP address went to Kentucky.
My ad says item in Arizona.... local pickup preferred.
Person sent me a message and asked if I would take a check... RED FLAG for me.
I went and looked up WB3BEF on QRZ and it was different e-mail address than what is listed here on QTH.
I messaged WB3BEF from the QRZ e-mail and he answered that it is NOT him wanting to buy the amp.

Please be aware of this scammer ..............

Bob - ke6kjd
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Re: Scammer posing as WB3BEF

Post by k4tor »

He wants my Amp too. He's clearly not a smart cookie :mrgreen:

His IP details:

IP Details For:



ISP:AT&T Internet Services

Services:None detected

Assignment:Likely Static IP

Country:United States



Latitude:35.9606 (35° 57′ 38.30″ N)

Longitude:-83.9207 (83° 55′ 14.66″ W)

Of course, he might be using VPN, so the above location info might not mean much.

Tor - K4TOR
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Re: Scammer posing as WB3BEF

Post by kc4hw »

I had someone posing as WB3BEF using email address trying to buy my amp also

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Re: Scammer posing as WB3BEF

Post by AA2DS »

He wanted to buy my antennas I had advertized on his terms, not mine so it went no further.
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Re: Scammer posing as WB3BEF & Brenda Novis

Post by K4IDC »

Same guy posing as Dale Ungar WB3BEF & has inquired with me about two different amplifiers; another turd scammer.

Also a weird response from "Brenda Novis" expressing interest in my "Gadget":
Brenda Novis 09161978 <>
3:12 AM (12 hours ago)
to me, Brenda

Dear Robin Midgett K4IDC,

You have received a response to your ad, titled "ALS-1300 w/PSU", that you have running on the QTH Free Ham Radio Classified Ads.

BEFORE GOING ANY FURTHER, you are highly encouraged to:
1) Read our VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE about avoiding scams and ripoffs at
2) Use our Feedback Forum to see if the person you are about to deal with has any good or bad feedback from previous dealings. See

The response is from:

Name: Brenda Novis
Callsign: 09161978
IP Address: -- ( Check IP at )

The response is:

Hello Robin
Please am interested to buy your Gadget
Hope its still available for sale
Kindly get back
Brenda Novis
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Re: Scammer posing as WB3BEF

Post by AB2DP »

This guy and his companion impersonating wb3bef did the same thing to me trying to make me to accept a check written by mistake for $1200 instead $200., after some text messages.I guess the next step was to return the rest of the money and eventually a fake check.
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Re: Scammer posing as WB3BEF

Post by K4IDC »

I've had text messages from "Dale" (supposedly Dale Unger WB3BEF, but really an imposter) from the phone number 661-660-8837 relative to an ALS-1300 amplifier. Similar to many others, the messages is "I'll send a check and you'll have it in a few days". I asked several times in the text message exchange for the person's callsign because I suspected it was the same scammer. At first they dodged the question, and when I asked for the person's callsign again, I received the response "What does that means?"
Clearly up to no good, a liar and a thief.
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Re: Scammer posing as WB3BEF

Post by KA2FIR »

WB3BEF has a published email address on Did you attempt to contact him using that email address or send a QRZ PM to him to confirm whether or not it was him responding to your ad?
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