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Signal Generator Suggestions

Posted: Wed Dec 06, 2023 10:42 pm
by ab8sx
Well after being a ham for going on 30 years (next yr) I am now retired and have decided to get more into the hobby and setup a repair bench with an Oscilloscope and Signal Generator among other necessary equipment. I have owned 2 other Oscilloscopes over the years and had planned on learning how to use them and troubleshoot radio equipment but never had the time and ended up selling both of them. Anyway.....I am determined to finally learn since I have the time and basically just enjoy that part of the hobby. question is are any of the low budget digital signal generators or function generators suitable for basic troubleshooting / debugging ham radio transceivers? If so, can anyone suggest any certain make / models? If not, what is a not so expensive choice that I might loook at. Thanks for any info in advance and 73
Mark - AB8SX