IC-7300 tuner

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IC-7300 tuner

Post by W1GWU »

The tuner in my IC-7300 turns itself on at random.
Does anyone know a way to keep it off?
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Re: IC-7300 tuner

Post by ku3x »

That's odd ? If the ATU is off and you are talking, does it turn itself on?
OR.....when you change either a band or band stacking register does it show up as on? Point being, does the band stacking register remember you
had the ATU on the last time you were there and now you just go back to where you were? That's the way my FT-991A works.
Let's call a 40 meter band stacking register either A, B or C. If BSR A has the ATU on and I go to BSR B, where it's off, the ATU remains off. If I go
back to BSR A, where the ATU was on, now the ATU is still on and I did not turn it on again. It remembered it was on in BSR A.

It's odd the it would turn itself on by itself.

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