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I sold IKE K9Ike a used but great condition and works as should Icom 756proii as "no known Issues No Returns" and that was in Nov. 2021. He claims he had reached out cause he was having some kind of intermitting problem , turning off and no. I had no such issue and no emails from Ike, Now several months later Paypal informs me I owe them $650 and my account was frozen, finding out I emailed Ike and showed him the only emails were to sell it and thank him and gave him the tracking info. And no other emails I received . He meaning Ike then emailed me a picture of some email not even the original email that he did. He then sent me an email shortly after in Feb. 2022 I owed him like $135 cause he got a tech to trouble shoot and found the power cord plug was loose after long usage and it was a documented problem, The issue with Paypal is today November of 2022 I am having problems closing account after roughly 13 or so years cause they say I owe Paypal $650 , Ike called his bank several months after sale and charged back the charge cause he used his credit card. Ike not only got his money back from his bank and not from Payapl , he also kept the radio, AND EVEN TODAY, I am having issue closing PP account and they still want me to pay them $650. So just be aware you can still be scammed out of moneys and your equipment using Paypal. So just beware of K9ike in his feedback he did something like this before ,I should pay more attention to feed backs and feel free to read mine.
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I bought your radio in good faith. After purchase, I sent an email noting an intermittent problem. The radio turned off at will.
Never got a reply after waiting weeks for a response. ( I already sent him copies of the emails I sent ) I also sent copies to the
credit card provider to demonstrate I tried to resolve the issue. I then had the radio evaluated. The tech advised me it was a bad
power cord, he charged for his evaluation and the cost of the power cord. I deducted that amount from the purchase price of the
radio. I thought it was reasonable and fair after hearing NOTHING from the seller. He was paid in full, minus the tech fee and cord.
Had you responded to my initial email we might have avoided the hassle. I did was was required to protect my interests. You shud
tell the WHOLE truth in your posts.
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