Information needed on Johnson Viking Mobile

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Information needed on Johnson Viking Mobile

Post by Marine1 » Sun Jan 23, 2022 5:39 am

Hello all, I got my license recently and I am in the process of buying equipment for my shack ! I just found at an auction, an old Johnson Biking Mobile in what looks to be good condition. I need help in figuring out how to hook this radio up to a 12 volt power supply because I will be using it as a base station! I need help in identifying the object that is plugged in with a round plug into the upper left back of the radio and the other end of the object has 3 short coax type wires with coax connectors. There are 2 ref marked cables and 1 red marked cable! I assume these are 2 hot and 1 ground ! I understand these radio’s were used as mobile units and used a dynamotor to power the radio! I am attaching a picture so I hopefully can get the object identified! Is this the dynamotor? I need the proper power cords with the round plug that fits into the rear of the radio, and I need the other 3 crystals , 80, 45 and 30 band ! It has the 10 meter already installed ! I also need a manual , diagram /wiring schematic for the radio! I am new to building equipment, but know how to solder and read the diagram, so I should be able to do whatever converting I need to do to get it working ! I also need help locating tubes and crystals for this old radio as well as other old tube type equipment . I do like the old equipment and the old tube and crystal type equipment because it is simpler to repair , if you can find parts! I will be using this radio for 10 meters and 80 and listening to all 4 bands! I only paid $20.00 for this old radio and would like a ball park estimate on what it might be worth! Any information will be greatly appreciated ! Feel free to text me at 2565779261 or email me at with any information on this old radio! Thanks.
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Re: Information needed on Johnson Viking Mobile

Post by kimon » Tue Jan 25, 2022 8:22 am


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