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Posted: Sat Jan 30, 2021 10:32 am
by AC7AZ
John shipped me an Alpha 374 with the RF deck and transformer poorly packed in single boxes. The transformer arrived with bent mounting tabs, and the RF deck arrived with a dead position on the band switch.
John proceeded to get angry with me for complaining about his poor packaging job, and refuses to take responsibility, blaming FedEx and myself for his problem.
Below are a few of his stellar responses in trying to resolve the issues. Blaming me?

On Jan 20 John wrote:
“If you wanted to pay for packing, I could have taken them to Fed Ex and have them pack it at a huge extra cost.

I worked very hard and spent a lot of money for all the packing material I used.

Do you have boxes that large you can double box?

I don’t.

I have shipped many amps and radios several times never had issues with how I packed them.”

On Jan 29 John wrote:
“ Transparent to respond with every email and as stated worked 100% night before shipped! Leave feed back you want and ill have my say and that is it. Just because you cause your own issues you look in the mirror dont blame others take responsibility yourself. Funds went to estate that is it.”

The RF deck was also sprayed or wiped down with WD-40 or something similar, coated in a thin film that smells up the whole shack, but he claims that never happened also.

This man has anger issues, and takes no responsibility for himself when confronted with problems of his own making.
Avoid, avoid, avoid!


Posted: Sat Jan 30, 2021 11:38 pm
by AC7AZ
Stand by, John is actively searching our email exchanges for something that will absolve him of any liability for his actions, or lack there of.
At this point he is accusing me of damaging the amplifier myself? For what purpose?
The amp will be fine, I straightened the feet on the transformer, and will fix whatever is wrong with the band switch.
I was just trying to give him the chance to make things right on this transaction, and avoid any future shipping mistakes, his response was to become confrontational.
His feedback says he’s a good seller, and I believe he is until something goes wrong. That’s when his true colors shine.
A man is judged by his integrity, not so much when things go right, but more so when they go wrong.
John fails miserably when things go wrong.

W1JCW Great seller and buyer for 15 years!

Posted: Sun Jan 31, 2021 3:36 pm
by W1JCW
Let's start off with a little bit of history, I've been in this forum since 2006 with almost 500 feedback posts.

You don't get that many posts being dishonest. So Mark your accusation holds no water.


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This guy Mark has 1 post! That is one post!

Obviously he doesn't get out much and understand integrity as I have demonstrated with in this forum for 15 years.

There is always the 1% that have an issue with a purchase. I have always worked with others regardless of the cause or who is to blame.

Amp was original from my grandad, so I know its history well and it has never had any issues and was well cared for.

Standby, John has a life outside of amateur radio and more important things to do immediately than deal with unstable op who blows up a purchase from me then wants to whine to everyone in his one big post in this forum.

Never received a phone call from this guy to discuss his self-induced issues to help him out as a fellow ham.
Started receiving emails with an accusational tone which we all know how well that goes over rather than being polite
and ask for help, it goes a long way.

I do have emails stating amp was operating full legal limit and he was happy now he is off in left field about something sprayed on the amp and transformer was damaged, but he is using the amp!
Obviously an attention seeker for the one post he has here in this forum.

I have not had ANY shipping issues and my history indicates this, regardless of what Mark wants to post.

Transformer and RF deck were packed separately and inspected via Fed Ex for insurance purposes therefore there was no packing issue.
As we all know that does not prevent a carrier from mishandling, but no request was made to file a claim and since the shipping and insurance was paid for by Mark he would follow up on this not I.

Since there was no damage to the amp upon shipping this is not Mark's path but to whine here after he induced his own issues. He could have called and I would have gladly walked him through the amps operation and answer any questions but he never called.

Never heard of spraying anything on an amp then it has some odor, Mark I suggested you check the cleanliness of your shack and dirty hands.

As for damage induced by Mark it is not for any purpose but lack of knowledge, so he learned a few things and now wants to blame these on me.

No need to search for anything Mark, my integrity is intact.

Furthermore, why would I ask you to post feedback before you received the amp if I had known there were issues?

Answer: I would have NOT! So there goes your entire inflammatory post!

There were NO ISSUES with the amp and packing was substantial.

This was confirmed by Fed Ex as I could not have insured the items if packing was subpar which is was not just as the numerous times in the past.

There was no confrontational exchange with Mark just being honest with the guy and setting him straight. When he didn't get the reply he wanted he takes it as confrontational.
He needs professional help. I was being friendly and offered help and suggestions, but he knew better in this case that does not prove so.

I will not go back and forth with this guy as I have better things to do.

This will be my only reply, read my feedback history and that says it all!

I sleep well at night knowing I am a standup guy and the almost 500 posts within this forum prove that.


Posted: Sun Jan 31, 2021 6:29 pm
by AC7AZ
Your history, or the amps history have no bearing on this transaction, and your comments about the cleanliness of my shack and hands illustrates your confrontational, childish attitude.
Not sure what you’re blabbering about being blown up, it’s just a bad band switch.
I’m not sure how calling you would have helped me straighten the transformer legs or fix the band switch, so I didn’t bother.
Not sure what your talking about regarding asking for feedback before it was received either. I only posted this feedback after you refused to take responsibility for your poor packaging. THIS IS THE ISSUE!
Not sure what your talking about searching for either? Your integrity is questionable for all to see.
The amp was packed in a single box, sitting on the bottom of said box with styrofoam on the sides and paper on the top. The trans was packaged in a single box with paper and bubble wrap thrown in to protect it.
John did not pack it anywhere near the level outlined on this forum here:


This is the single reason for the damage to the amp, zero fault of my own.

You received an email that the amp was working on 40 meters, no mention of achieving full legal limit, that was to let you know it wasn’t a total disaster, followed up by an email explaining the issue I discovered after having time to test it.
Post the email John, you know this is true.

Wiping or spraying down items with WD-40 or similar is a common method used to hide surface scratches, and you know it judging by how the RF deck arrived.

I do not spend any time on the internet, this is true, but I have been licensed for 23 years and know how to operate an amp.
As for his confrontational tone I posted his quotes above, and his childish post above this one further demonstrates it, at no time have I received any offer of help or compensation for the damage.
He cannot accept that his packing job is the issue, and instead shifts blame to me and FedEx.
FedEx cannot inspect what’s inside of a single box, their inspection does not absolve you of your responsibility John!
And the shipper has to file a claim, not the receiver, you should know this.

“ Unless otherwise agreed to IN WRITING, the seller/shipper is TOTALLY responsible for getting the equipment to you IN THE SAME CONDITION AS IT WAS WHEN IT WAS SHIPPED. NO EXCEPTIONS.

In most cases you are the one who is going to pay to ship equipment. Since you are going to pay for the shipping, you are one who selects which carrier to use. Be sure your choice is stated to the seller/shipper and there is undisputed agreement. Also be sure you have sent your desired shipping address to the seller/shipper in writing and that he has received it.

If there is damage to a received package, it is the seller/shipper who is TOTALLY responsible for promptly working out a satisfactory settlement with the carrier. [Note: The Carrier will only negotiate with the person who paid them for the shipment, even when you pay the seller/shipper to do the shipping!]”

Don’t buy with any confidence, John will leave you out to dry when things go wrong!


Posted: Sun Jan 31, 2021 6:52 pm
by AC7AZ

The transformer as it arrived. This is the result of Johns stellar packaging skills. He says he spent a lot of money packaging it up like this?
John has an excuse for everything, but a solution for nothing.
Remember John, it’s not how you’ve handled the transactions that have gone smooth, but how you’ve handled the ones that didn’t that show your character, and your feedback proves this as well.



Posted: Wed Feb 03, 2021 5:22 pm
by AC7AZ
Back to the top, others need to steer clear! Snake in the grass! Read ALL of his feedback! When things don’t go well Johns pattern is to resort to name calling, cussing, shifting blame, and complete denial of any responsibility.
I’m not just going to go away John, may as well get used to it. Own up to your mistake & be a man. You messed up, doubling down just makes you look worse.
The amp didn’t arrive in the condition you sent it, and the fault lies with you, and you alone.

I’ve since repaired the band switch, the amp is fine now.
Johns claims that I somehow damaged the amp are ridiculous at best, and just an attempt at redirection of blame.
The problem lies in Johns inability to recognize that despite his high opinion of himself, he screws up just like everyone else, and needs to learn to accept that fact & take ownership of his mistakes.
That is integrity, denial is weakness.


Posted: Tue Feb 09, 2021 1:57 am
by AC7AZ
Bumpity bump.😃
John W1JCW wrote:

“Never heard of spraying anything on an amp then it has some odor, Mark I suggested you check the cleanliness of your shack and dirty hands.”

It took me until I opened my gun safe to narrow down what you wiped the amp down with!
Was it Hoppe’s #9 or CLP Break Free?

I researched your name John & you’re a gun guy too, so it’s most certainly some sort of gun oil you used to wipe the amp down with despite your claims to the contrary.

The stench is almost gone now after wiping it down & having to take the RF deck apart to fix the damaged band switch.
You’re a piece of work John, a legend in your own mind for sure!
Talk at you again soon!😃


Posted: Mon Mar 01, 2021 3:55 pm
by AC7AZ
John, you claim that your packaging job was sufficient and I’m to blame for the damage, but in your email you state that it would’ve been too expensive to pack properly, and you didn’t have boxes big enough.
Which story is it John? You can’t have it both ways.