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Post by N5QVF » Tue Sep 15, 2020 7:06 pm

Purchased a mint KwM2 station form VE3TTF,Al Spring, and what I got was a piece of crap with bent corners, repainted surfaces, scratches and rubs. He will not return my $1200 and I called UPS and verified he is going to receive the claim he put in. Here is an email i sent other interested parties.

Jeremy and other friends, I just got of the phone with "Astrid" from UPS they told me they granted Al Spring the damage claim on 11 Sept 20. So he got $1200 from me and whatever UPS will give him. Nice !!!

P.S Remember in a previous email he states he was not going to return my money since UPS was not going to pay him? Well turns out he lied again just to keep my money $1200 and also the claim he put in from UPS!

Here is a cut and paste of the email which I can fwd to anyone to verify it\s authenticity:

"Al Here:
Just received a letter from ups stating I did not pack it to their standards which is bullshit and saying they are not covering it you told me to use ups and I did No money from them no money from Me I suggest you talk to them if you want money Al "

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Post by cstb6868 » Wed Sep 16, 2020 6:50 pm

I was also scammed by Al Spring,..VE3TTF

Al posted a Yaesu for sale & only being a couple of months old,- an xmas gift from his xyl..
I purchased the "as new" radio.
It showed up in the factory box with no inserts,- the box was beat all to heck,- the mic and power cord were still plugged into the radio,..
The radio looked as if he had tied the power cord to his rear bumper and drug it to the post office!!
Contacting Al the day it arrived he said,- tough ship,..

Paid him thru paypal,- so I started a case/claim with pics & details..
I won my my case/claim,- instead of being a man & paying up the amount in the case/claim, he just "shut down" his paypal account..!!
Paypal notified me there was nothing they could do now..

After doing a search,- he had 3 posts of the same radio with all having different stories..Hmm
His last email to me was,- Now you are flucked!!

In my opinion,- "his day will come"
Stay AWAY from any & all posts by Al Spring,.. VE3TTF

Charlie KD8PSW

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Post by VE3PP » Sat Sep 26, 2020 10:46 am

Well after reading the comments posted above I am not surprised with what has happened to both of you.

I have known Al, VE3TTF for years. In the past I dealt with him and had no problems. BUT, I live close to him and saw the items (Small items, not big purchases) in person.

Now here is my story about Al. He had a Drake R-4B listed, which I had sold him. (Which was in good operating condition because I had been using it on the air. He claimed he had to get major repairs done on it in order for it to operate properly. That was BS IMO as it worked fine for me) He was asking $100 for it, so we made the deal by email. I told him I would get over to his place the following week to pick it up.

The day before I was going to pick it up he emailed me and told me the R-4B was sold. I emailed him back and said "We had a deal, I was picking it up tomorrow"

He emailed back and said "Well tough s**t, someone wanted the R-4B to go along with the TX-4B he was selling and I wasn't going to lose that sale because of you"

That was the end of my relationship with Al VE3TTF. I told him that is not how amateurs treat fellow amateurs, and especially ones who know you in person. Told him to never bother emailing me again for any reason.

Haven't heard from him since.

Rick VE3PP

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