Shipping in age of Covid 19

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Shipping in age of Covid 19

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How much leniency should be given a seller to ship, after receiving funds?

I'd think a week at least, certainly no more.

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Re: Shipping in age of Covid 19

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How would you define or prove receipt of funds without resorting to priority mail or certified mail - return receipt requested? I once had a package get to Sweden faster than one shipped at the same to Iowa.

Do you define receipt of funds as receipt of the payment instrument (check, MO, etc) or receipt of final, irrevocable receipt of credit to a deposit account?

NOTE: PlayPal is excluded from this discussion for obvious reasons.

I think that communications is more important that a fixed time deadline. Somebody who can't write a understandable listing or give a straight "YES" or "NO" answer has to be held on a shorter leash than somebody who does.

Considering how much is spent on lottery tickets, raffle chances and other forms of gambling, maybe we have to set a dollar amount at or below which we'd be comfortable with eating the loss.
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