IC-7100 vs TS-2000

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IC-7100 vs TS-2000

Post by k1spd » Tue Jan 08, 2019 3:18 am

I currently have an IC-7100 which is very nice. I know that I will not use the DStar capabilities. The main reason that I purchased this was for the 2m ssb. I am a Kenwood person and think that I would rather have the TS-2000. Has anyone owned both of these radios and which one did you like best?

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Re: IC-7100 vs TS-2000

Post by n5wrx » Wed Jan 16, 2019 7:09 am

The IC-7100 was designed to be a mobile radio and it is my favorite for that use.
The touch screen makes it so much easier than searching thru menus while driving.
It delivers a honest 100 watts to my mobile antenna.

The TS-2000 is a much larger base size radio and you must run the pre-amp for it to sound like a normal radio.
The best feature about the TS-2000 is its ability to cross band repeat from HF to Uhf/Vhf.
I like the variable filters, and the metering.
Try that with the current crop of Shack-in-a-box radios.

I have both, use them daily, and would not sell either one.

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