Ad # 1373932 violates PayPal policies

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Ad # 1373932 violates PayPal policies

Post by W9BHI » Thu Mar 15, 2018 4:26 am

K0JTA is selling QRP radios and urging you to use PayPal friends and family for payment.
Paypal states that you cannot pay for goods and services with friends and family.
You also do not have buyer protection if you use friends and family.

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Re: Ad # 1373932 violates PayPal policies

Post by K0JTA » Wed Apr 11, 2018 4:12 am

Just an update on the PayPal fees. This is a real eyeopener that you have advised me of!!! See the following link:

I have completely removed all of the "Friends and Family" stuff from my web site!! I have also removed any reference to what is termed the "up-charging" with PayPal! (This is asking for the buyer to pay for the PayPal fees.) I had no IDEA..! -Now, all like this is gone. I only desire to be a legal and good citizen, REALLY!

I thank you for this advise and letting me know. It could even result in a civil case, I have read in the link above. In no way, do I want to get into any kind of trouble. I am a 74 year old with stage four cancer, and I have enough to worry about. I do not need to tangle with the folks at PayPal.

I shall never again attempt to side-step the PayPal rules!!!

Again, I THANK YOU for advising me on this matter, Floyd!!!

Very 73 from Mike, K0JTA

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