To Paypal or Not to Paypal.. THAT is the question...

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To Paypal or Not to Paypal.. THAT is the question...

Post by Jammer »

..whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows
of fraudulent checks and PMO's, or to take arms against a sea of
chicaneries. and end them. :shock:

OK, so WOULD it be possible, hey, for QTH to offer a <gulp!> PAYMENT SERVICE of some type?

I'm sure this has been brought up before, but possibly noone's suggested being able
to Optionally put a link in your FS ad so that payment would go from the buyer to QTH
then to the seller, minus a handling/donation fee. Does that make any sense or does
it open up a biiig can of worms?

It Would relieve the buyer of having to register @ Paypal and would give us sellers
that warm and fuzzy feeling. OH, yes, Paypal has a fee, too, darn. Still cheaper than
an $8-$10 Cashier's Check. But problematic. Rats.

But... :idea: Yes, there's fake-o Postal Money Orders out there, but I haven't encountered
one yet. Just lucky? Prolly. Perhaps, though, if buyers sent a copy of the purchase
from the PO / Currency Exchange (proof!) as well, then we'd feel better
about the transaction? I'm going to request this from buyers who don't like Paypal for
whatever reason.
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Re: To Paypal or Not to Paypal.. THAT is the question...

Post by kk4vzt »

Not sure where you are getting your cashier's checks however an USPS money order was like $1.50.
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Re: To Paypal or Not to Paypal.. THAT is the question...

Post by w0bkr »

If anyone offers a "service" there will be a fee of some sort passed on to someone. My bank does Cashiers checks for me, zero cost. I get a money order for smaller dollar items at the local grocery store for less then $1.

If I use Pay Pay, either as a buyer or seller, I get no guarantees I won't get ripped off (got it both ways via Pay Pay). Some feel PP is more secure and you have an avenue should you as the buyer have an issue, which is partially true, but many folks don't like dealing with the fraud and p poor customer service (they have that??) at PP.

I can do any of the three mentioned buying or selling, preferring the USPS money order as they are usually pretty safe. Wells Fargo or whatever MO from the stores are usually okay, and PP is usually the last venue. I have yet to see anyone offer a service that is totally "risk free" for no charge to either user (Buyer/Seller). Worth a shot to inquire.....
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