KC7CYA - Yet another Rip Off Artist:

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KC7CYA - Yet another Rip Off Artist:

Post by W0LC » Mon May 05, 2003 3:10 am

Bought a "restored" receiver from this jackass that supposedly was in proper working condition. Deal was that if he ships it upon receipt of my money, he gauruntees it to be in working condition or else I get total refund and he gets his item back. His agreement to ship is acceptance of this contingency, else he sends me my money order back.

He decided to ship it. Guess what. Unit wasn't restored, didn't work, was DOA!

I had Glen K9STH off QRZ.COM go through it and repair it (for an additional $125!!) and found numerous defective, non-functional components.

Well, KC7CYA, as to be expected, hasn't answered any e-mails, claims the unit was damaged in shipment (what a lame excuse), won't file a shipper claim, provided a bogus tracking number, claims it was shipped double boxed (wasn't), etc., etc.

Jerk has more lies and excuses then truth!

ANyway, two separate internet fraud complaints have been filed. Still pending asnwers to those.

Be advised. Don't buy or sell this loser anything! Have to wonder if his family knows what crap he is doing during the day when they are at work! :(

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KC7CYA-Where's my refund????

Post by W0LC » Mon Jun 02, 2003 12:48 pm

Still waiting for this low life loser to refund the repair costs (as a minimum) required for his "functional" piece of crap he shipped.

Supposedly, this piece of junk was "working" prior to shipment, yet the repairs to the unit have nothing to do with "shipping damage, etc.", only broken, defective components that weren't working from the get go.

Don't deal with this loser. Have to wonder if his wife knows who she is living with? Rips off people on the internet and then pockets the illegal money, all the while, his family has no idea what a fraud he is!

To date, he won't answer e-mails, etc. Still waiting on my internet fraud complaints to register some resolution.


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Post by wc5rr » Thu Oct 23, 2003 12:47 pm

I have started to pull together the e-mails, etc. from this crook.
I have sent it over to an attorney to see what can be done about his internet fraud.

K9STH can validate that what was sent to me wasn't working, didn't work and was not damaged "in shipment" as is so often the excuse.

I am wondering if anyone else has had any dealings with this low life?

Just for info: Bought an older radio receiver from this ass that he swears worked prior to shipment and he has proof (which upon request he has yet to provide), yet when I received it, it hadn't been packed as I had specified and we had an agreement that he wouldn't ship if he would not want to take item back for refund should it be damaged, DOA, etc.

He agreed to ship and accept any returns. I received the item and it didn't even whisper that it had ever worked. Glen went through it and repaired it, to the tune of another $125 on top of the purchase price. You would think this KC7CYA ass would at least pay for the repairs.

He stated he needed the money, etc.

Beware, don't deal with this crook.

If you have had any dealings whatsoever with this lid, let me know.


Here is some of his transcripts from e-mails prior to his not responding to further e-mails:

(Bogus FED-EX Number: Not valid and not the right format)
"Also, I forgot to send the tracking number. The
number is 93981498 via FEDEX."

(Upon pressing for verification of this "proof" I no longer received e-mail's from this lid. No "proof" was ever sent, verified, or stated exactly what this "proof was". The tubes are not readily available and are very pricey, that is, the ones you can find. Odd a seller would expect the buyer to replace defective tubes that supposedly "worked" prior to shipment.)
"Chris, I would suggest you try to locate and replace
the bad tube first. Tubes for this radio are very
available and only a few dollars each. Antique
Electronic Supply had tons of them. I can be sure that
any problems it might have were a result of shipping.
Proper operation was verified my myself and others
before the set was shipped."

(Another message where the real motivation comes out as to why he is selling the junker. The shipper has the responsibility for filing the claim. When asked for the shipping paperwork copy, no e-mails response was ever obtained; even after repeated attempts to file a claim myself; he statd FED-EX packed the item which is a service they don't provide)
"I can not accept responsibility for what seems to
shipping damage to probably one tube. Were our
positions reversed I would simply replace the bad tube
and enjoy the radio. I would not have even offered the
radio for sale if I were not in dire need of cash."

(Another excuse to avoid responsibility; pretty lame excuse after he agreed to ship and accept responsibility if it didn't work, got damaged in transit, etc. This was a prearranged agreement prior to completing the transaction)
"I can not accept any resposibility for
its condition upon arrival."


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Posting to someone else's Bio as revenge is fraud

Post by KW7DSP » Fri Oct 24, 2003 4:19 am

I see someone other then KC7CYA has posted to the Biography at QRZ.Com. He (KC7CYA) may be a snake, but the people (and this happens often) who post info to the BIO of someone else should be banned from QRZ and QTH and their names posted in the forum.

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Post by wc5rr » Tue Oct 28, 2003 5:43 pm

I think it is very worthwhile. If they are crooked, then it needs to be out there for everyone to see. This isn't the first time this character ripped someone off, unfortunately. One board vs another, sometimes, individuals don't see the info in time.

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