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Just something to think about during trade

Posted: Mon Oct 24, 2016 2:03 pm
Contacted a poster about trading for a radio he had. We messaged back and forth and agreed on a trade. Both would ship our items out the next day and the same way, sending tracking after we shipped. Well the next day he emails and said he didn't fell right about me and wondered why my call sign said it had just been issued last year. We did speak on the phone and I told him why my call sign had just been issued last year, I had moved and renewed it. Well checking everybody's call sign says when it was issued which is when it was LAST issued not when it was first issued, and if you look on the ARRL page it says renewal. Next I gave him two ways to check me out. One was I'm a commander with the Civil Air Patrol which I know doesn't mean too much but a way to check on me and the best thing I did was to tell him to call the local Chief of Police and he could check me out. Didn't want to do any of this and when I told him how did I know he was a good person to deal with all he had was he is a good ebay seller. Which to me doesn't mean anything. He could get everything he sells on ebay from cheating people out of stuff in trades. He would only do the deal if I sent my item first and once he got it he would send his. I said no and though he should understand why should I trust him any more then he was trusting me. Again ebay was his only support and what I think I offered was more then enough to know me. He also had said he really didn't need my item he was just doing this to help me out. All of this just did not add up to a good trade. I don't want to say who because I just can't say they are a bad person just too many questions. Agreed to deal and on day we ship backing out with questions, does not really give me any support he is a good person to trade with. Saying he didn't need my item, was just helping me out. Didn't want to check on anything I gave him to check on me and only offered ebay as his support. Just wanted to post this so others would think about any deal they are about to do. His item is still up for sale but he has changed his offer up making me wonder if he does have it. Just some things to watch out for and hope to remind people if it doesn't sound right move on to somebody else