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ebay problem great for scammers

Posted: Mon Oct 03, 2016 4:57 pm
by kw3u
Well I've been an ebayer for many years, very few prblms and those were
handled quickly as buyer and seller.
Heres the catch - bought a bunch of estate items. couldnt use the 230vfo on a 520, duh.
so listed as unable to test(no 830) so as is and no returns.
guy uses buy it now and files a return request, locks the paypal $ and you get ebay msg to
arrange and pay return shipping and refund. WTF?
finally figured how to get a live rep (good luck with that), she was great, reviewed my item listing and
agreed that i detailed condx , pix, as is , and no return,,, then the bombshell.
because i used the dropdown thingie that says either new, used, or for parts; and clicked on used,
too bad I lose.
good info to share, learned a hard lesson.
if selling anything, i would recommend picking for parts only or you could be screwed. Of course the price
you get for that great working pristene rig might be a lot less.
QTH forever goodby ebay..