Is this in your house??

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Is this in your house??

Post by w8jn » Sat Oct 11, 2014 3:32 am

We recently moved from a custom built home with a miserable HOA to a 50-year-old home with no antenna restrictions. Now I am home free with my toys.

I set up the station, and with eager anticipation powered up. Instantly I realized my entire HF receiver was covered with an awful pulsating racket the likes of which I never heard before.

The search began. I checked everything. The above ground wires behind the house. -- The service panel in the house. -- All of the appliances. -- The new water, gas and electric remote usage transmitters. No joy! As I placed my trusty old Zenith Transoceanic near the wall receptacles, it was clear the RF was coming from inside my home. I wondered if there was something in the wall of my old, new home.

I discovered that by flipping off breaker 1, the racket stopped like a motor spooling down. There were no appliances attached to breaker 1. What the heck? The previous owner removed the 50-year-old ungrounded receptacles and replaced them with new GFCI's. I knew the problem was solved.

I removed the GFCI's 3 hours later I flipped on b1 knowing I fixed the issue. Powered up the Zenith T.O. and there it was. The racket was as evil as ever. I gave up!

A month later I discovered that the garage was 1959 daisy chain wired to the back end of the house. There was nothing except a light and my new garage door openers in the garage. Out of desperation I unplugged the GDO's. I thought, "This is a waste of time and energy."

Once again I cranked up the trusty old Zenith T.O. and JACKPOT! Noise gone. The microprocessors in my new dual openers were the culprits, and of course they were using the entire house wiring as an antenna.

The GDO's are Genie Silent Max 1000. -- Hardly silent. I hope this helps someone.

Paul W8JN

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