Shipping to Guam

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Shipping to Guam

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I went to drop off a package at the Post Office today to add Delivery Confirmation and ship it to Guam. When the postal clerk finished the receipt, he said the "system" mandates Customs forms be completed. We were both surprised at this, as Guam is a United States territory. Has anyone else dealt with this or was this just a computer glitch.
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Curious. Guam has commonwealth status, just like Porto Rico.

Dick Manns
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Shipping to/from Guam

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I just came back from 25 years there and YES the whole system is wierd -
It is a US Post Office etc and we paid income tax etc like we were a state.
If born there, you are automatically U Citizen regardless of where your parents are from. (You get the picture) Problem comes in that it is a Trust Territory so it gets treated like the proverbial red headed step child. You must fill out customs forms coming and going and flying into Hawaii, you will have baggage checked and go through customs like your from a foreign country. Most of this came about after 9/11 because earlier on, we could travel all over with just our american drivers license. "Rules is Rules" as the automaton at the counter says.
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