Scams on the internet swap pages.

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Scams on the internet swap pages.

Post by K5JOE » Sun Mar 09, 2003 1:22 am


I am seeing more and more Scams on the internet swap pages these days.
I thought I had checked out the last guy that I was buying a rig from
enough to send him or her a US Postal Money Order .. but I did not
check far enough. You think that it will never happen to you. That is
what I thought, but I was wrong. Your local Police Department will
take your Theft by Deception report and then tell you that it is out
of their jurisdiction and to contact the FBI Internet Fraud
Division, they will just send you to a site on the internet to fill
out a damn form, The much talked about and feared United States Postal
Inspectors will just send you a form in the mail to fill out and it
contains these encouraging words:

"Postal Inspectors base mail fraud investigations on the number,
substance, and pattern of complaints received from the public. While
the Postal Inspection Service can't guarantee that you'll recover
money lost to fraud, the information can help alert Inspectors about
new fraud schemes and prevent others from being victimized."

So I guess my $650.00 report will go to the back of the bus on the
bottom of the stack.

Also the local Police Department in the town where the thief lives
will tell you they can not do anything unless your local PD requests
it. But we have learned by now that it is "out of their jurisdiction".

SO.... I have learned by this experience that unless you loose a $
500,000.00 or get scammed 5,000 times, just go fill out the damn forms
and shut the hell up.

This is just my experience and opinion and just FYI, (for your
Please do not email me and tell me what I should have done unless you
are sending money in your attachment. :-)

PS: I also reported my Fraud to the Attorney General of Arkansas and
signed it:
Arkansas Voter. That might be the only one that will look in to this

This is K5JOE saying Happy Hammin', watch your back, and keep one hand
on your billfold. Only buy from people that have been on the swap
pages for a while with a good reputation.

I will offer my services to receive equipment and payment for that
equipment and check the rigs out on my bench before shipping them on
to the buyer and sending the payment to the seller... Might charge 5%
to the buyer and the seller over the shipping cost but it would be
better than paying $2000.00 for a rig that did not work or sending
money to someone that will steal it and not send you anything.

If anyone is interested in doing that let me know... I am tired of
seeing all the thieves get over on everyone and get off scott free...

73 and Happy Hammin' to all

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