KK8ZZ Disappointed

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KK8ZZ Disappointed

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I have retracted this post as I believe the situation was resolved satisfactorily.
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Re: KK8ZZ Disappointed

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Miscommunication indeed...He never told me he was Mennonite and didn't use have access to email - which he used to contact me in the first place - his comment about "having trouble with email" went unexplained. When he didn't respond after two emails, I sold the radio to another person who responded promptly. I sent a third email explaining what had happened and why, again no response, and promptly returned his payment. I did not receive texts from him. I believe I DID apologize for the situation in a friendly email and assured him that 7610s come up for sale frequently and he'd be able to buy one quickly. I found him to be a kind and polite gentleman - up until now. His whole family are licensed hams, a real accomplishment! Again, I apologize for the miscommunication, but there was no communication from him until it was far too late and I've had too many people saying they'd buy a radio and then disappearing with no communication.
Bob KK8ZZ Solon, Ohio
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