Scammer "Vaughn Cassell"

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Scammer "Vaughn Cassell"

Post by k7ieu »

This LID Tried to scam me out of a radio by sending a fake cashier's check hoping i would mail off the radio and never see any money. My bank verified the check was fake and they are going to try to prosecute.

Here are the emails in order of recipe....

Re: QTH.COM Ad -- ICOM IC-718 HF All Band T...
Vaughn Cassell

May 4, 2024, 10:23 PM (4 days ago)

to me, bcc: me

Hi Jody, how are you? Sorry for the late respond. I've just gone through a surgery on my left leg and am happy it all went well, However i want you to know tat am still very much interested and my secretary already made out payment via priority mail at the Post office and which will reach you Monday, so i like to keep you posted ahead of delivery time, So let me know if you receive this message to enable me get back with the Tracking # for confirm delivery time , Thanks


Pack and shipping funds delivery update
Cassell Vaugh <>

5:33 AM (13 hours ago)

to me, bcc: me
Hi Henry., i just got off the phone with the post office inc, and i was assured that the payment is in transit and should reach you later today or tomorrow, so i want you to station someone around for the delivery, And here is the tracking # 9405509899646996710318 to confirm the delivery via WWW.USPS.COM, however you need to contact me immediately you receive the payment , so we can arrange for shipping fees,gas plus inconveniences from the excess, So get back to me . Thanks Vaugh


Re: Pack and shipping funds delivery update
Cassell Vaugh

9:56 AM (9 hours ago)

to me, bcc: me
My shipping address is here in New York, so i like to know the cost of shipping cost, so i want you to go deposit the check at your Bank, when it clear then you will deduct your own part plus $50 for gas and what ever the cost of shipping , So let me know

On Wed, May 8, 2024 at 5:19 PM Jody Spurrell <> wrote:

What's your shipping address?
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Re: Scammer "Vaughn Cassell"

Post by KD2INZ »

After 16 days of waiting I finally received an envelope from an address in Grand Junction Colorado. The envelope contained a cashier check for $2150. I was asking $1000 + shipping for my FTDX-3000d. Seems Vaughn Cassell if that is his real name changed his name to "Bruce Climax". His response to me was " Sorry for the late respond. I want you to know that the over pay funds was a mistake, which was mistakenly during my time at te hospital .However i want you to deposit the check after it clear after 1-2 working days, the you are to deduct your part part and extra $120$ for shipping". I responded to him, "I thought your name was Vaughn and you changed it to Bruce Climax? I changed my mind about selling this radio to you, unless you can use Venmo or PayPal and pay the 3% fee for $1000 + $100 for shipping which works out to $1133 total. Should I return or just destroy the check?"
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Re: Scammer "Vaughn Cassell"

Post by K4IDC »

This guy also uses the name Dale in association with various gmail accounts (dalesteve407@g*****). He's now responded to me regarding two different amplifiers I have posted for sale. Like your situation, he sent me a fraudulent check for $3300 for a $1300 piece of equipment. I called the bank listed on the check, they confirmed it's fake. They recommended I report it to my local police fraud department, which I've done, and then forward the fake check to their (the bank's) fraud department, which I plan to do. I also plan to file a fraud report to the USPO, since the fake check was sent via the postal service, which is mail fraud.
If this lying thief is caught and prosecuted, he'll go to jail for years. That's my goal. I recommend you call the bank and let them instruct you how to proceed so that the process of justice can begin. If you just let it go, you're allowing the problem to continue without the possibility of consequence.
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Re: Scammer "Vaughn Cassell"

Post by W8TRW »

GM All,

I received a reply over the weekend for an amplifier I have listed here on QTH.COM from a "". No amateur call sign referenced in his email reply. First thing I did was Google the email address and it led me here. The lP address pointed me to someplace on the west coast of CA. Plus the wording in the email was suspicious as well. From the first sentence it had SCAM written all over it.

I replied with the statement that I would only sell the amplifier to a licensed amateur radio operator. No call sign, no sale!!!

73, Al/ W8TRW
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