W8EK, Ken Simpson. Beware of Bait-and-Switch

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W8EK, Ken Simpson. Beware of Bait-and-Switch

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I take no joy in writing this about a fellow ham. I like to think most folks (especially Hams!) are honest and generally do the right thing.

A couple of weeks ago I contacted Ken about tubes he offers for sale as: “Most tubes are NOS”. (I understand “most” does not mean “all”, of course.)

After exchanging several emails, I asked for photos, which he quickly sent, but the tubes were in their boxes. I could not see the actual tubes. I asked if they were all NOS and his reply was “Yes, they are NOS.”

In his photo, five boxes were Sylvania, and six were unmarked white boxes. Told him I would take all eleven tubes pictured.

What I received was a collection of what appeared to be old, “pulls” from a TV & Radio repair shop. All clearly well-used. Of the five in Sylvania boxes, only ONE was a Sylvania tube!
The white boxed tubes were also clearly well-worn, with no military designations on any of them.

I immediately contacted Ken and included photos of the tubes he sent me, next to their boxes, telling him that I assumed he had made a careless mistake, or had shipped me someone else’s order, and I was sure he would make this right.

His reply was “To the best of my knowledge, these were NOS. I stand behind what I sell, but tubes are not returnable”

I shipped the tubes back to him the next business day, at my expense.
Delivery was confirmed, including a photo, by UPS.

I am hoping he will refund the $159 I’ve paid him, but since he insisted on a Postal Money Order, I have no recourse other than hoping his conscience will kick in.

So…I am out $175, and no tubes. Ken is not responding to my phone calls or emails for a week now.

(Yes, I KNOW I was dealing with the REAL Ken Simpson, not a scammer. I spoke briefly with his wife, and I sent the money to his listed, REAL address)

I will update if anything changes.

-Jim, W4JMW
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