Save yourself from Getting Scammed!

For reports of scammers using other people's callsigns. Remember that any callsigns listed in this forum are likely innocent bystanders (subjects of identity theft) and, thus, are probably not guilty of anything. For bad transactions with verified ham operators, use the Feedback Forum instead.
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Save yourself from Getting Scammed!

Post by wb8ogm »

Here is a solution to being scammed on QTH.COM! Just plain STOP selling and advertising here! Go to eBay. You are protected on eBay as both a seller and buyer! Trust me, I've been selling there for 27 years and make my living doing so. The scammers are running rampant these days and I have been ripped off TWICE on QTH.COM and NEVER on eBay.
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Re: Save yourself from Getting Scammed!

Post by N8VZ »

You'll end up paying more than the item is worth on eBay most of the time. Ham gear for sale on eBay is almost always more expensive than buying it here. If you follow Scott KA8FOX's trading tips, you should be able to spot scammers. I just sold a rig yesterday. The first inquiry was from an imposter. See my post in this thread about how I identified him as a scammer. It's not hard. You just need to do your due diligence. Scammers particularly prey on those posting WTB ads.

Here's disclaimer that I always use on WTB ads:

"Will only pay via PayPal. Will require photos from multiple angles and one with your QSL card visible. I will check your IP address, so you must respond through the system by clicking on the "click to contact" button below. Scammers will be reported to the feedback system and the actual callsign holder will be notified."

Feel free to use this statement on your WTB ads.

I hope that his helpful.

-- 73 de Carl N8VZ
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Re: Save yourself from Getting Scammed!

Post by Bjstrudy »

I dealt a lot on qth with no problems by simply demanding a person to person contact. You’ll most always pay a lot more on ebay for “previously owned” gear. Na, QTH is the way to go. Just use common sense
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