Re Ken Simpson W8EK

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Re Ken Simpson W8EK

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Please note that W8EK has run several ads with various items for sale. He must have some kind of a racket going for himself. Buyer Beware.
Listing #814030 - Submitted on 03/26/10 by Callsign W2OT
Gee, speaking only from personal experience, I have purchased from Ken once or twice and found that, even though there wasn't a lot of money involved, he took the time to answer my inquiries promptly and accurately. The merchandise was shipped in a timely manner and received in good condition. I don't consider his offers a racket--and I would buy from him again. 73, Tom W9LCL
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Post by KG0MN »

perhaps he is cleaning out his shack. That is not a great deal of information to call someone a crock.
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Ken Simpson

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He's been on here for at least 20 years that I know of....straight shooter....whats the problem??
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Ken sure is OK with me!
Gilles, in the great white north..
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Ken has been selling here a long time. He, from what I am told, sells items for silent keys and estates on behalf of the families. I allow him to sell on my Yahoogroup as he often has items of interest related to Ten Tecs. He is always respectful and posts only items related to the group focus and he is welcome there anytime.

Now if you wanted to protest anything, protest the guy who claims to help kids with your equipment donations. Yet he retired 10 years ago and sells your donated items on Ebay. Now thats a scam if I've ever seen one.
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Re Ken Simpson W8EK

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I have purchased a few items from Ken over the years and never had any problem. He communicates well, gives a good description of the items, and ships things promptly. Frequently he has hard to find items at a good price.

Yes he has been selling for a long time. So what?

Bill - K6WLM
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N2ZD wrote:
Now if you wanted to protest anything, protest the guy who claims to help kids with your equipment donations. Yet he retired 10 years ago and sells your donated items on Ebay. Now thats a scam if I've ever seen one.
You know, that is something I was wondering about. I am assuming you are talking about the school club in New York.......I bought some items on eBay and they came with a card asking for my donations.

I thought it smelled funny.
Steve - KA9MOT
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Re: Re Ken Simpson W8EK

Post by ka7niq »

I recently bought a SteppIR 3 element beam antenna from Ken Simpson W8EK. The son of the silent key Ken bought the antenna from told him it was a working antenna,, it turned out not to be. I brought this to Ken's attention, and W8EK told me to send the repair invoice to him.
Just like he said he would do, Ken Simpson financially compensated me for most of the money I had to put out for repairs.
He truly is a man of his word.

Chris Tucker - Ka7niq
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Re: Re Ken Simpson W8EK

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ken simpson is a friend of mine and i run into him at hamfests and have purchased items from him HE IS A STRAIGHT SHOOTER just because we list multiple ads does not mean we are bad people or crooks OR DEALERS just trying to fund other purchases just check our FEEDBACK PEDRO WY4A
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Re: Re Ken Simpson W8EK

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Ken is a good guy and any dealings I have had with him were straight up HONEST. He tells you like it is!

-John WB4YAL
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Re: Re Ken Simpson W8EK

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If someone is buying and selling to make a profit, they should be advertising, not using classified ads.
A lot of the wheeler-dealers use the "doing it for the SK families" excuse. If they give ALL of the proceeds to the family, I have no problem if they are using classifieds. But if they are keeping any of the money for themselves, they should be advertising and supporting this site with some of their profits, not taking advantage of the free classifieds.
I don't know if W8EK is making a profit or not. He certainly has a LOT of ads for being non-profit.
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Re: Re Ken Simpson W8EK

Post by bobm »

Well, someone ought to tell Ken that even a pristine Icom 781 radio is not worth $1800. Maybe $1000.
I wish that the owner of this site would come up with a way of limiting the number of posts per day or week. Between W8EK and
W4JST, they represent probably 25% of all the posts here on QTH,com. And the stuff they are trying to sell
is junk. 10 lbs of solder, give me a break!. Old books should be sold by the pound.
Just a rant of an oldtimer!!
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Re: Re Ken Simpson W8EK

Post by w0bkr »

I responded to an ad, asked if he could send a pic since the asking price was nearly the new price (wanted to insure it was that way). I just don't take someone's word on something if I don' know them. Never responded to I added him to my list of sellers to avoid. I figured he loved the gear way more than I would and decided to keep it. Not sure why one would post something for sale and then blow off potential buyers. On well.
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Re: Re Ken Simpson W8EK

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I purchase a connector from him 3 weeks ago. I know he received the money order but he has not sent the connector. It can't take this long for a MO to clear ? :o
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Re: Re Ken Simpson W8EK

Post by Bear »

I have purchased from Ken and always had quality experience from him. Decent good communications. Yes, he sells a lot of stuff here, but it is much sought after items that us "old timers" want and need. I for one like and admire Ken a very nice guy . He will answer any questions you might have and carry on a conversation with you in a polite manner. Ken is one fine Ham and a Gentleman.
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Re: Re Ken Simpson W8EK

Post by ve3dcm »

I have purchased the old parts from Ken in his 11 pound sales. We have worked together on these sales a number of times and I am fully pleased with his communication and service. I will buy again from Ken in the future with no qualms. I live in Canada and I tell you, if you want something to really rant about, it is the postal shipping costs between the USA and Canada. It is so ridiculous to pay $30 US for shipping on an item that cost $20 US to buy.
Anyway, that is not Ken's fault. He is 100% straight in my books.
Ontario, Canada
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Re: Re Ken Simpson W8EK

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I know this man personally and have done business with this gentleman. He is honest, reputable, and there should be more hams like him. Tnx Ken !!!!!
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Re: Re Ken Simpson W8EK

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I went to his home today and bought an antenna, seemed like a straight shooter. I havent tried it yet but he said t worked and was helpfull with suggestions
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