Shipping to PO Box

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Shipping to PO Box

Post by k4mt »

I have a guy who wants to purchase a radio but he only has a PO box as an address. Am I right in seeing this as a red flag as a potential problem?

Gary K4MT
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Re: Shipping to PO Box

Post by W7USN »

Hi Gary
I suppose it could be a crap shoot but I have no mail delivery
to the house available here so a P. O. Box is the only mailing
address available to me. I do have a street address for UPS
and FedEx. Living in the boonies is great but has it's limitations.

73 John
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Re: Shipping to PO Box

Post by KC7I »

My second home is also where there is no mail delivery so a PO Box is mandatory if I want mail.
UPS and FedEx don't even deliver due to many not having street address numbers and some really bad roads.
This is a remote area on Maui, but I know of a few places in Oregon that are the same way. I've heard of many other rural areas without mail delivery.
I don't know of any current scams using PO Boxes. I had to show valid ID to get my box, and it would be pretty easy for authorities to catch someone picking up mail at a Post Office.
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Re: Shipping to PO Box

Post by ky7x »

I don't have mail delivery here as well. You need an ID to obtain a PO box, and if you're concerned about your recipient, send it signature required. It's as good or better than a street address. No porch pirates, no fake "I never got it" complaints.
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Re: Shipping to PO Box

Post by ac9xh »

I have a street address also, but the mail only delivers to the post office unless its fedex or ups or dhl.

I wouldnt worry about it. make sure you get the money, for the sale, and it clears. then when mailing it out,send it fedex smart post which goes thru usps at the end. might have to verify this. send it with tracking so the buyer can verify, along with yourself.
also have fedex package the radio so if anything happens they are liable for the replacement.Fedex will guarentee it if you have them package it.

As long as the money is green after it clears, then i would ship it. make sure you communicate with the ham how it will be shipped,when its shipped and what guarentees. I sell my stuff as is no warrenties no returns . Too many scammers out there.But Usually if i sell something and it has a problem upon arrival, i would refund if its something that prevents the unit from operating.

check FCC license address and ask them to verify it via email so you can send it. ask some questions . use their county property taxes website to check BEacon , or any other online service to list property and pics of property . usually it will show antennas etc, if a ham lives you can verify the physical with the FCC listing.

only thing is if you accept paypal or check or money order. if by paypal,bad thing is scammers file a complaint of not what i ordered,etc. and paypal can refund them the whole bit. even while they still have ur radio.

check or money order? run them thru your bank or whatever, if by check, find out i there is a branch nearby that is affiliated to their bank and take the check in and try to cash it. that way you are not running a check thru your bank and it later comes back bad and they charge you with bounced check fees.if no branch, have them run the check first,to see if its legit,and if it will clear, before depositing it in your account. just go in and ask them to cash it instead of deposting it.ask them to verify the check if possible. usually it is.

money order? take it to the bank, let them do their thing and see if it clears.when it does, ship via fedex smartpost to protect your butt from damage complaints.Ive been burned 3 times .lost 2 radios and a frequency counter, but the majority of hams are decent. just have to be careful.My losses were all thru paypal. I even had fedex package it. ringer? they said it wasnt the radio sent even though i had fedex take pics, etc. I even set up a makeshift station so they could see the radios worked as described. still lost. because of paypal. since then, i rarely do paypal. i do money order or check. i specify i wont ship until check or money order has been cleared by the bank, with no problems.So far after that, no losses since.

just my take of it.

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