Best offer guessing game

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Best offer guessing game

Post by ku3x » Fri Apr 12, 2019 1:10 pm

QTH is a great place to buy and sell ham gear. Most of the time you get a picture of what is being sold, where the item is located and you can judge whether it’s cost effective to buy used or new with a full warranty.

Why post an item for, “Best Offer” when you already know what your bottom line is? All that does is generate an email, someone makes an offer that is lower than what you already know you will let it go for and then you get mad because you don’t like his low offer.

You already know what you want for the item so why make it a guessing game? If you like guessing games why not post it on Ebay?

Any add on any site that asks for, “Best Offer”, I never respond to it, even it’s an item that I am looking for. I already know the person selling it usually wants way more than the item is worth and he does not want to post the inflated price.

Barry, KU3X

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