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Post by pcsf53 » Tue Apr 22, 2014 8:51 pm

Hello, I hope I am doing this right, its my first time. So I am a disabled Veteran (KA4NGW) & I was wondering how to find a Elmer. Are they still around ? I've tried a couple of clubs and did not get a reply.

What I need is someone to install an antenna for me, I have a vertical but I don't know if it works. Also being a ham for around 40 yrs. I never tried the VHF/UHF bands so I bought a couple of those Baofung handhelds. I don't know how to use them and need help on how they work.

I guess I am not complaining But I remember a time when these Elmer's were every where. In fact I helped a lot of people setup equipment and even administer the novice class license. I remember being station & license in Greece as KA4NGW/SV and always had a pileup on 20 meters, I always made sure to try and QSL with most of the low power guys because I started out myself for many years with a HW-9 radio.

I live in Wilsonville OR., Just south of Portland on I-5. I am mobile but unable to lift or climb.
Hey thanks for your time.

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Re: Elmer

Post by k9yli » Sun Apr 27, 2014 2:08 pm

I can't help with the antennas. too far away.
As for the hand helds. you need to read up on two meter operation.. all about simplex and repeaters.
You need to know what the radios can do , before you can figure out how to make them do it..

You need to under stand repeaters, tone access, offsets of frequency. possibly ,linked repeaters.
limitations of terrain on signals..
range limitations of hand helds in simplex mode. FM capture..

read read read....

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Re: Elmer

Post by K4ICL » Fri May 16, 2014 11:45 am

I suggest you GO to a club meeting and meet the members up close and personal. I have no doubt you will get some assistance.

Thank you for serving our country!


de K4ICL

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Re: Elmer

Post by tate » Wed Mar 08, 2017 6:10 am

I know your post is old and hopefully you have gotten help by now. If I were closer to you I would be more then happy to mentor you. I will not "elmer" you unless you want to glue something together. That word just drives me crazy. I am just weird about that. It is mentor. I don't know where the term "elmer" came from but I will not respond to someone asking for an "Elmer". It is like finger nails on a chalk board but that is my opinion.
About your Baofeng there are a lot of good videos on youtube about using them and programming them. They are VERY easy to program through the front panel keybord even though they are widely badmouthed. I have never connected mine to a computer. I just program it using the keypad. For me it is quicker then using a computer. So if you can't program a Baofeng then look it up on youtube and it will walk you right through it. If a ham has to have a computer to program their radio then the radio is not right for them!! Ham radio is probably not the hobby to be in also if you can't operate an HT as simple as a Boafeng.

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