Poor Packing--It is frustrating

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Poor Packing--It is frustrating

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I need a place to vent my frustrations and express the need for a good packing job with heavy items. Recently received a heavy amplifier packed in 2" of newspaper and soft packing material. I paid to have it packed properly and shipped. Needless to say it arrived damaged and this was no surpise to me. This has happened more than once to me and shipper (UPS) will tell me it wasn't packed good enough and not pay the insurance claim. Can you blame them. Anyway, thanks for letting me tell the story. How many other people has this happened to--it scarces me to find out the number!!!!! :( 73 Ted N8GPQ
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Well Ted, I guess it is not as good as having a Kenwood 130 delivered to your door is it..!!

Seriously Ted, I have to agree. But since I retired in November, I do not use UPS as much as I and the company used to. But, have never had a real problem ... and as you state .... PACKING is the main concern...why people do not is beyond me..!


Bill, W0LPQ
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