How to Sell Your Radio Equipment

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How to Sell Your Radio Equipment

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How to Sell Radio Equipment

After almost forty years of trading, selling and buying radio gear, both as a hobby and professionally, I am passing a few tips I have learned on to those interested.

1. First and foremost, successful selling involves removing any and all impediments between your offering and the prospective buyer. Don’t inadvertently put anything in the way of the buyer making a decision to buy your equipment.

2. It is a good idea to make sure that all information a buyer needs to make a buying decision is provided in a simple, honest manner.

3. Know what your equipment is worth and set a fair price for it. Find out what other’s are asking for the same equipment in the same condition and be sure your set price is in a reasonable ball park. The time you spend researching the worth of your equipment is well spent!

4. People tend to want to do business the way they are use to doing business. We don’t "make offers" to Walmart; we either accept the provided price or not. State your price to prospective buyers, a price you are willing to accept. To require a prospective buyer to "make an offer" forces him/her to commit to buy before the deal is completely clear. This might place something in the way of your making a deal, something you do not want to do.

5. Place an ad to sell in one or two key classified sites. Keep the ad short, yet complete. Leave out the "why" your selling. No one cares to hear that your "wife sez its gotta go." This adds nothing to the attractiveness of your ad. Remember, your ad should focus on your equipment, not you.

6. Be creative and use a catchy topic, if possible; one that is not seen every day. Make your ad topic unique, if possible. An example I have seen is "EXPERIENCED GOLF BALLS," instead of "used golf balls". Use something that catches peoples attention!

7. Be certain that your posted ads use proper grammar and syntax. You do not want your prospective buyer to think you are some rube or, worse, too lazy to use capital letters where needed and proper spelling. Remember, your ad is the ONLY representation you will place in front of possible buyers. Whatever you do, don't us ALL CAPS for your posting. This angers people.

8. In your own mind, set a minimum price for your equipment and stick to it! But always state a price for your equipment in your ad. It does not have to be you minimum price but should be a price that you will accept if a buyer makes you an offer.

9. Always indicate the location of the equipment in your ad. A buyer may be interested if buying a heavy linear from a seller within a hundred miles but not at all interested in one from Anchorage, Alaska. Say where it is in the ad so he/she will not be forced to ask you. (Review No. 1, above.)

10. Be sure your descriptions are complete. If the manual is missing, say so. If you have made a neat modification that enhances the equipment, say so. Tell the prospective buyer what you would want to know about the equipment if you were the buyer!

11. Clearly and honestly describe your equipment’s condition. Some general rating standards can be found at .

12. If not an eyeball to eyeball situation, be ready to provide good, clear pictures to your prospective buyer. He/she wants to see what they are buying and this is VERY important to getting a deal. This means your pictures should be recent, of decent quality, not too dark or too light, not out of focus, and the like. CROP the picture so only the equipment is shown. Prospective buyers are not interested in all the surrounding "real estate." Provide several views including the chassis, if appropriate.

13. Be prepared to calculate and provide shipping costs as part of the deal. Remember, the BUYER is responsible for shipping costs, not you. It is his choice to buy and to pay the shipping. If you do include shipping as part of your price, be sure that you have taken into account the real costs of shipping, including packing, packing materials, transportation to and from the carrier, etc.

14 It is your responsibility to properly pack all equipment that has to be shipped to a buyer. If shipping is necessary, ensure that the equipment is PROPERLY packed. In most cases, you will need to double box the equipment. ALWAYS assume that the shipper is going to drop the package at least once and may throw it across a room once or twice. This is important as it will save you untold grief and aggravation. Protect yourself! Always adequately insure all shipments, at the buyer’s expense. Also, remember that all insurance claims are settled between the shipper (you!) and the carrier, NOT between the carrier and the buyer! Be sure that your buyer understands this and informs you of any shipping related damage IMMEDIATELY! Detailed packing guidelines are located at

15. When you are ready to accept the deal, "read" back the arrangement to the prospective buyer, as you understand it. Have him/her concur with your statement of what the deal is all about. In this manner, fewer embarrassing assumptions are made, everyone involved knows what has been agreed to and the deal goes through much smoother.

16. Keep communicating with your buyer! Send messages each time you do something that has been agree to. Tell him when you receive his payment, when you ship the equipment, the tracking number, everything! You can not over communicate! Again, protect yourself; Keep copies of all communications for at least three months.

Happy selling…


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Tip #6

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I was looking around on the swaps and come across Heading SELLING 10 DOLLAR BILLS FOR 5 DOLLARS.How can this be ?? I looked and clicked and it said now that I have your att I will tell you what I have for sale- I thought this kinda applyed to Tip # 6...
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One of the best posts I think I have ever read here on QTH .....
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Re: How to Sell Your Radio Equipment

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Excellent reading material. Thank you, Sir.
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