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Post by AC2HQ » Sun Oct 16, 2011 1:13 am

Good Evening,
After a month of trying to eliminate noise/hash issues with my ICOM-IC-2820,
using a magmount antenna on my extended cab pickup. I have come to the conclusion with the help of hams here and elsewhere that the mag mount is definately the culprit as far a RFI.
I just ordered the Comet SBB-7NMO & the CP-5NMO mount and hope that mounting the antenna on the back door/hinge area will get rid of the RFI coming through to the radio.
My Question is: Does anyone have reports using the above combination & do you also believe it will remedy my RFI coming from the radio while the vehicle is in motion?
If You read my last post concerning my icom 2820 & the tram 1180 magnetic antenna,you will understand why i'm asking the question here this evening.
Thank you to all who have been a great help in the past as its greatly appreciated.
Update...10/18/2011...After eliminating the magnetic antenna & replacing it with the above the results were no better...As a matter a fact....theres more RFI while driving than with the magnetic antenna.....So much digging and trying different methods to delete the RFI in my mobile installation with no better out come. I am at witts end and tried to contact the engineers at Suzuki to see if theres anything they can advise. I doubt i'll get any help if its the same message as the dealership gave me....We don't support after market addons to our vehicles. When I told them the radio was installed directly to the trucks battery and not the trucks didn't matter....well....lets see if I get anywhere with calling Suzuki directly. Any more suggestions would be appreciated as i have exhausted all the suggestions given so far.
Thank You,
Update...10/20/2011...I called Suzuki's tech dept. in california and greeted like the enemy. I asked to speak to an technical engineer for advice with my RFI issues in my 2009 Suzuki Equator extended cab pickup. They refused my request and told me to contact the dealership where I bought the truck and they would talk to the techs...I couldn't......The service depts. have a number but its not given to anyone.They are the only people who can call.
Today I pulled everything out of the truck....After being inactive since 1997 and never ever having had issues installing a mobile in a truck before today ..I have had it...
Thank You to everyone who has tried to help. I really appreciate it very much.
73's John...N2TIC

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Post by k9yli » Wed Oct 26, 2011 2:42 pm

Two things..
You would need to eliminate the source, not mask it out....
spark plugs and electric injectors can be noise generators.

Go to QRZ.COM and search mobile installs. you have to be logged on to search...............................
I think K0BG is the resident guru on mobiles...

Or repost the question on QRZ. Technical questions are way down near the bottom of the forums list..

QRZ /// forums //// scroll down to the third major break (maybe 4th)
then 3ird from the bottom is general questions...
( or close to those instructions,, just read..)

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Post by AC2HQ » Wed Oct 26, 2011 3:08 pm

Thank You very much for the information provided here this morning. I will check out the web sight.

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