KB6OPR Bum Deal

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KB6OPR Bum Deal

Post by K7FF » Sat May 31, 2008 12:23 am

I noticed today that Andy' KB6OPR, has moved up to listing some high-end stuff, so i decided it is time to post my one experience with him.

A few months ago he listed a 'new in the bag' Mirage 222MHz amplifier for sale here on QTH.com. The $150. price was very good (which should have set off alarm bells). so I telephoned him. The amp was still for sale, and he confirmed that it was new, still in the original bag, and perfect.

He said to add $10. for shipping, which was about right from Southern CA to Northern CA. He then said he had two TPL 222MHz 100W amplifiers that were also new, and I could buy them for $100. each. I said great, and said I would add another $10. for shipping. I then emailed 'Andy' and said I wanted to make sure that the two 222MHz TPL amps were 'all mode', because the other TPL amps I had seen listed were always FM only. He assured me in his return email that they were all mode, and had the correct bias for SSB. (I will forward his emails to anyone interested.)

I immediately made the $370. payment by PayPal.

Well, when the amps arrived I opened up the well-packed box. To my astonishment, after removing the MANY layers of bubble-foam, it turns out the Mirage amp had one of the slide switch thumb knobs broken off, and nowhere to be found, and there was a significant 'bash' in the top of the heat sink.

To compound matters, the two '222MHz all-mode' TPL amps turned out to be well-used, repainted, with no manufacturer labels, and are for the
408-512MHz FM only band! Wrong band--FM only.

I emailed 'Andy' and he said that I needed to make a claim to USP for the damage to the Mirage amp. There was so visible damage to the box, and the
amp had so much bubble-wrapping that it was impossible that the damage occurred in transit--plus, no sign of the missing slide switch.

'Andy' further told me that if I was going to sue him, I would have to do it in Sourthern CA.

I decided that it was not worth the time, expense, and effort to sue him for the $370. I could have filed the lawsuit up here and then if he wanted to change the venue to Southern CA he would have been forced to take the necessary legal steps to get the venue changed.

I tried to recoup some of my money by listing the TPL amps on QTH.com with no one expressing the slightest bit of interest.

There you have it. The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

It will be interesting to see what good ole 'Andy' has to say. . .

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This is too good!

Post by NR9R » Sat May 31, 2008 6:41 pm

KB6OPR has a website (http://www.qsl.net/kb6opr/index.htm). On his website you will read:
I Work For Yaesu USA, as the Amateur Radio Service Dept Supervisor in Cerritos, Ca.
If what you say is true it makes me wonder if that conduct carries over to his job.


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A call to Yaesu in Cerritos might be worthwhile.

Post by K4ICL » Sat May 31, 2008 8:16 pm


Sorry to hear of the bum experience. A call to Cerritos could be very worth while. At least, he could not dodge your phone call (er... if he is really there.)



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Post by kb6opr » Sun Jun 01, 2008 11:13 pm

I packed these boxes, double Bubble wrapped them, Fed-ex inspected them at the time of shipping.

I have taken pictures of these amps while packing them and everything was great.

I guess this LOOSER does not understand what the term "SHIPPING DAMAGE" is, this is the reasion why we all buy shipping protection, Correct,

Well this Idiot can not understand plain english, also, He refused to send me pictures of the damaged units, and I would of filed a claim with Fed-Ex if he would of showed be some proof at all!.

To tell you the truth, I don't think there was any shipping damage, I think this looser just wanted them for free, Just a "Typical" cheap old ham with no life! He also implies that he is a lawyer, so please be aware of this joker.


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Post by VA3EE/ VE3GNX » Mon Jun 02, 2008 3:40 pm

It might just be me but insulting the guy is not going to solve anything. By calling the guy a LOOSER (loser) twice will only make things worse in my opinion. I did not read anywhere in the post of him saying he was a lawyer, he said that he could sue you. And you also did not mention the other amps that you sold him that were for the wrong part of the band and only FM to boot.
And then to call the guy a "Typical cheap old ham with no life". How do you know how old this guy is or what kind of life he has? Cheap I don't know you made a price and he said okay with no haggle I assume. Something wrong here.
Just my observatioin.
Cheers VE3GNX
Here's a tip: For future reference most computers have spell check... use it!

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Post by kb6opr » Mon Jun 02, 2008 5:45 pm

I am referring past to e-mail that Derrick and I passed after I called him to verify that he had indeed received my package that I had sent to him via Fed-Ex.

I have been dealing with the general public (Hams) for over 20 years, both with past employers and in general.

This person does fit my comment. I tried to do everything possible to help this person, but he was 100% impossible to deal with or make happy.

I will admit that I am a terrible speller, you nailed that on the head, and I am not the first to have this problem, and this does not make me a bad person.

Over the past years, I have handled 6 Estate sales, selling over 200 Plus pieces of ham radio equipment over the internet, and I have only had 2 problems in these transactions.

1) Derrick.
2) Another problem where someone lied about sending all of the money.

I have always documented my shipments with lots of pictures for my protection, and this is a perfect example why I do so, and he refused to provide me with pictures or any proof that the package came damaged, so I have proved my case again, and I welcome to see him in Small claims court, because I have all of the proof here that I need.

Since I posted my reply to his post, I have had 5 other hams e-mail me and did comment that have had bad dealings with Derrick as well and they all have all had similar problems with this person.

If you have any other Questions or comments, Please feel free to contact me.

We can keep pounding this into the ground, but I will not do this. I have better things to do with my time, and it does not make any since to waste time.

I would advise you before you make comments about people or pass judgments about fellow hams over the internet; you may want to talk to them before you make these comments, because there is always more than one story or point of view, as with my case, the only thing that you are correct is that I am a bad speller.

Best Regards, and Cheers to you as well!


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Post by N4XTS » Mon Jun 02, 2008 6:03 pm

Your story falls apart. If you purchased insurance, then you should just have the buyer ship the damaged items back in their original shipping cartons with all packaging, and issue a refund upon receipt. Calling names only erodes your credibility (and as one who is experienced with Yaesu USA's lousy service, I am not amazed to see such behavior displayed by someone who claims to work for them.)

If you sold an item that you claim to be "new in the package" and it is used, then you misrepresented the sale plain and simple. No amount of "shipping damage" can make a new in the package item turn into a used one that was repainted over and in the wrong bandsplit.

Refund his money.
Amateur radio gets right through.

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KB6OPR Bum Deal

Post by K7FF » Tue Jun 03, 2008 6:21 pm

Time for an update...

A telephone call to Yaesu confirms that Andy '...hasn't worked at the Yaesu Tech department for more than two years...'

This came as no surprise. Just as what he represented to me when I called him about buying his amplifier, and virtually everything of consequence he has posted about our transaction, is just not true.

He never called me.
He made absolutely no attempt to resolve the matter with the exception of telling me to make a FedEx claim..
He never asked me to send him photos of the damage, nor offered to send me photos of the packing of the amplifiers.

I am pleased that others have seen through him.

I have given up ever hoping for any positive resolution of this matter. No refund, no nothing. My sole purpose in making the original posting was to publish the details of my one transaction with 'Andy' and let the readers come to their own conclusions. I feel I have accomplished this.

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KB6OPR Bum Deal

Post by K7FF » Tue Jun 03, 2008 10:53 pm

Post Script>

To those five anonomous detractors that 'Andy' says emailed him about me, you may wish to check my eBay Feedback Profile (I no longer sell on eBay and only buy stuff there occasionally)..

To do so>
1. Do a Google Search using ebay member feedback profile as the key words.
2. Click on the first item, Find Member
3. Where indicated, type in my eBay member ID altadrifter
4. Click to check me out.

You will find that I had 1808 total transactions, 1546 of which were by unique,
non repeat, responders (repeaters aren't included in determining the Feedback Rating %)..

Positive Feedback rating> 100%

As a final jolt, you may wish to read a few hundred of the comments.. .

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Post by wb6don » Thu Jun 12, 2008 4:37 am

I, for one, would absolutely LOVE too see these pictures Andy took while packing these items.... :twisted:

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Burn deal

Post by rocky155 » Sun Jun 15, 2008 11:57 pm

I was in the shipping business. I owned one of those pack and ship franchises. I can tell you that the claim for damages is on the shipper always.
In my case , me, not the customer. This guy needed to go to FedEx and make the claim. Unless it has gone up, they had a free insurance amount of 100.00.
That would have helped.

BTW: FedEx was by far the least destructive shipper I ever used. I never had to submit a claim for a customer using them. Submitted quite a few to UPS.

This guy (seller) needs to submit a claim. I doubt he can prove his case to FedEx, based on what I have read here.

The statement he made about getting 5 emails accusing the buyer, :shock: is a lie. Anyone should be able to see that.


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Business not as usual -- a Case in Point

Post by K4ICL » Mon Jun 16, 2008 12:26 pm

I have done business and shared several email conversations with with K7FF. In addition to his admirable seller enthusiasm, he is honest in his dealing, and has a sharp wit. He, like many others, has had a a bum experience because the way we use to do business has forever changed.

Using the Internet has greatly expanded our ability to buy and sell from just about anybody anywhere. Despite its power his had a serious limitation--we are often tempted to decide to purchase without actually seeing what we are buying.

In this case, if K7FF had insisted he receive several pictures of the amps, each in focus, at a suitable resolution, properly lighted showing each surface, he would NOT have bought any of them. He would have seen for himself the items he thought he was buying were not being offered.

"Buyer Beware" applies even more to Internet deals. INSIST on seeing GOOD pictures of the item of interest. BACK AWAY if you do not see what you are expecting to see in the pictures or if you do not receive any pictures.

If you are a seller, let you prospective buyers know you are willing to send pictures upon request. Take the time to take good pictures, ones representative of your sale items. Include shots of the front, back, sides, top and bottom of the item. If appropriate, include shots of the inside showing the chassis and other components.

Nuff said...


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