Stolen Equipment Database

List stolen equipment here, and check here before purchasing.
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Stolen Equipment Database

Post by g7uod » Fri Sep 18, 2009 2:09 pm

You maybe interested in this. Perhaps you could post a link on your website.

If your radio equipment was stolen could you remember its serial number? Have you recorded it somewhere safe?

Would you like to notify people would might potentially purchase it? Have participating shops checking on repairs and 2nd hand purchases?

Sign up to The Rig Register, a free service, and record your equipment details in a safe and easy to find place. Your equipment can marked as lost or stolen for others to check.

The Rig Register isn't just for stolen equipment. Groups and clubs can use it as an asset register and a shared login between committee and leaders would allow access to the group's or club's asset list.

Please pass it on to your club or friends.

Many Thanks.

Hugh. G7UOD.

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