Konel Marine Radio

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Konel Marine Radio

Post by AB8RU » Sun Jul 18, 2004 11:57 pm

Hi everyone ;
I had a GR8 time @ the Michigan Antique Radio Extravaganza I found quite a few peices of ham gear, vaccum tubs, old Broadcast style Mikes, a few CW keys, Ham Books, and an old Konel AM Marine Radio I bought, has the Schematic, but It was worth at least taking a look inside, well its a old 6A3 which is a 6 Killohertz AM / Double Sideband Transmitter, Rock Bound having a few marine channels incl the 2182 Marine Emergency Channel, it also has a built in antenna tuner, a Push - Pull Amplifier hybrid of Tubes and Transistors, BC Reciever.

Very well built, waterproofed the speaker, rivets used to keep parts in place which made it handling vibrations of the bouncing of the Atlantic Ocean, 135 Watts a Antenna Light, standby switch.

Imagine if that well built of a rig the price would be today. unheard of right ? 8)
Mark A. Holman AB8RU, CRO
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