Kit building? Are all of you afraid to talk about it?

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Kit building? Are all of you afraid to talk about it?

Post by W4FJF » Tue Jun 29, 2004 6:51 am

Since Heathkit died years ago the number of kit suppliers increased for a while then decreased rapidly. I'm talking about serious ham shack related items like amps and station accessories, not led chasers and "clappers". Communication Concepts only lists 2 meter amp kits, Ten-Tec has a few transverters, and MFJ lists a few kits also. Does anybody know if a company has a 70 cm amp kit that runs 75-100 watts out for 3-5 watts in ? Kit building used to save us 20-40% over the assembled (wired & tested) unit's retail price.
I know it is easier and faster to "buy off the shelf" but I still enjoy putting things together myself. I like a kit because I dont have to chase all the parts down myself AND pay multiple shipping costs if I have to order from several sources.
When you put a kit together yourself, you have a good idea how to fix it, and you have the pleasure of knowing you built it on your own. Lots of fun to get out the soldering iron and build it with your own two hands. Maybe I didn't do an extensive enough web search to find a real ham radio kit supplier. Can anyone educate me on where to look ?
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Post by kb8jvh » Tue Aug 03, 2004 12:19 am

I don't know about 70cm amp kits at that power level, but makes some really nice transverter kits 50mhz thru 10ghz. Also check out for amp and transverter kits thru 47ghz. Also Elecraft for the K2 as well as 6, 2, 222 transverter kits. I too build a lot of my stuff as I enjoy it.


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Kits and Rigs

Post by AB8RU » Sun Aug 15, 2004 12:07 am

I recently built a code pratice Oscillator is all I have done in the past 5 years, I have fixed a couple older rigs, and recently bought a old HF rig, I am planning on modifying it to Amateur Freqs. also by the way the more you get into kits, or whatever more you learn which to me is the fascinating and challenging to our hobby.

I have other plans to go further in electronics, but a course runs for what I want to do is around a Grand, but it's worth the money.

also plan on things going wrong also, I fixed one kit because the oscillator would not operate, only by trial & error I fixed it. it was a Heathkit CPO, and used that for my 5 wpm study. :!:

always look at when it goes wrong, you learn from that, also there are those who will help also along the way.

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