Icom V-8000 2M. Mobile GR8 mobile

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Icom V-8000 2M. Mobile GR8 mobile

Post by AB8RU » Wed Jun 16, 2004 12:18 pm

:D Hi everyone :!:

I was @ the IRA Hamfest in Hudsonville Mich. and bought a Icom V-8000 2M. mobile I'll tell you that that is a neat radio with a lot of features, the cooling fan will operate any way you need it unless the temp parameters exceed a defined limit which is good since my car is parket outdoors in a lot is in direct sunlight for the day.


Tone Squelch and DCS modes and the old PL , I have the 133V mike for remote feature useage.

only thing I wish it had was a detachable faceplate and instll the radio under the seat and maybe Icom would come out with say either a dual bander or even a tribander model 2M 1 1/2 M. & 70cm. ver. :idea:

overall the best monobander I have ever purchased so far.

and still have my HF rig in the car also.

Mark A. Holman AB8RU, CRO
Assoc. Member SBE

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