I am calling about your radio for sale

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I am calling about your radio for sale

Post by n2gbt » Mon Oct 04, 2010 11:43 am

True story. I was in a bad mood-and the conversation sort of shows that-

Er yes I am calling about the radio for sale...
yes how can I help you?
well, I just wanted to ask a few questions
Ok ask away
Ok the radio- its never been around smoke right?
define " around smoke"
you know- has it ever been exposed to cigarette smoke?
youre concerend about only cigarette smoke
ok- no it hasnt been around cigarette smoke- I mean perhaps a few microns of
cigarette nicotine may have been sucked up through the air conditioning system at one point
and found its way past the radio but in general, no. I dont smoke cigarettes.
What about pets?
what about them?
Has it been exposed to pets? dou you have a pet free home?
youre worried about pets? Why?
I am not sure- but I read alot of people say that they dont want radios from
homes with smoke and pets.
I see.
I have pets. But I assure you theyre not permitted in the radio room or on the radio equipment
Hmmm-- what kind of pets do you have?
I have a cheetah, a giraffe and a small ape- well orangatan actually
I dont have an ape.
Hmmm- can you describe the radio on a scale of 1-10?
Sure its a 10
Thats good- so theres no markes or scratches.
No- the radio has some marks and scratches
I thought you said it's a 10
I did- to me its definately a ten. Really it's an 11 but you asked between 1-10
This is my first radio and I just want to make sure I make the right purchase.
I see.
You need to get a radio from Colorado then
COlorado? Why?
I always try and buy my radios from colorado- hi nitrogen is why.
High nitrogen? I dont understand
Radios from colorado are from a higher altitude.
So the nitrogen content of the air is higher- and theres less chance of any
oxidation occuring from exposure to too much oxygen.
Wow- you must be a ham for along time.
Oh yea- 25 years-
So I guess I'll get a radio from colorado.
I would- and make sure theres no exposure to cigarette smoke or animals
Just cigarette smoke though- other forms of smoke is ok.
Yea Ive heard that- cigarettes are the worst.
I agree.
Thank you for your time- I'll get back to you.
My pleasure

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Post by N9LCD » Mon Oct 04, 2010 8:08 pm

Thanks! The ways things have been going, I needed a good laugh.

I had a few like that. One buyer asked what "Used, operational but not necessarily to specifications." meant and why I never had the receiver tested. He just couldn't understand that test results were only as accurate as the test equipment is.



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Post by wa8mea » Sat Oct 30, 2010 12:07 am


Now if you had said the rig was a $19 QRP transmitter, that would have defined the ultimate ham!

73, Bill

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