FREE antenna situation....from Santa Bill

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FREE antenna situation....from Santa Bill

Post by wa8mea » Mon Dec 21, 2009 2:47 pm

Good grief. Had I known this was going to be such a problem, I wouldn't have used this question.


This is a typical ham radio type R-S report. Example "5 by 9". (That should tell you it was not 5 by 9....)

Some people are going to websites and looking up transcripts. The Apollo transcripts do NOT contain the full transmissions from Houston because Apollo wasn't able to hear as well as Houston.

These transmission are verified by CBS News footage ( with Walter Cronkite) as well as specials by The History Channel. These transmissions were recorded directly from Houston.

Also, if you note the transcripts, they say:

Corrected Transcript and Commentary

This means they might have put the signal report in "layman's terms"....since they probably didn't understand radio signal reporting. PhD's don't know everything.

Example: 076:17:00 McCandless: Apollo 11, Apollo 11, this is Houston. We are reading you weakly. Go ahead. Over.

"Weakly" was NOT the report officially said. It was an R-S signal report. However, the PhD's felt a need to change it because:

1) They didn't understand what the R-S meant.
2) They didn't think the general public would know what the R-S meant.
3) "Weakly" isn't exactly accurate, either. According to the R-S, the signal wasn't high....but the readability was pretty darn good down here at Houston. (Hint, hint....)

One participant has the first number right. I don't know why he doesn't just continue with the remaining numbers....

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73, Santa Bill

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