HELP fixing my Kenwood T599A Transmitter

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HELP fixing my Kenwood T599A Transmitter

Post by k8cnn » Wed Sep 02, 2009 3:15 am

I hope a fellow Ham might be able to help me getting my Kenwood T599A transmitter working again.

Symptom with transmitter,

When the radio is powered on, the junction point between 230v cap and D6
arch to ground (junction point near chassis) about 1/8 inch from chassis, D6 is on a side mounted PC board

However when removing the 230v tap from the transmitter did NOT stop
the arching,

Upon reconnecting the 230v tap, And removing the 320v tap it DID stop the

I verified that Diode D5 & D6 are good with a digital volt meter.
(but hard to say not under load)

I suspect that C25 or C26 may be the issue???

The filter caps in the radio are as follows:

Qty 2 / Double Cap / 1) 350v 22uf 2) 350v 22uf
Qty 1 / Double Cap / 1) 25v 1000uf 2) 25v 1000uf
Qty 2 / Single Cap / 500v 100uf

If anyone knows a good source to find replacements for the caps, I have not had any luck.

Any advice or parts info you could supply me with would help a lot!!! I'm fair at troubleshooting and repair, but I will admit, Tube circuity is not my strong point.

Thanks, Tom Ford K8CNN 73
(440) 342-8200

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Post by k9yli » Thu Sep 03, 2009 2:32 pm

to you and all others that find themselves in this prediciment.
You likely can not find " multiple" capacitors for replacement.
They may have been manufactured on a specific line by contract to the radio manufacturer.
Just get single caps from mouser, or other suppliers.
replace either one or both sections of a multi-cap.
I just went thru 2 old Hallicrafters , and s120 and a s38D to re cap it.

the new caps seem smallerl than original " big fat cardboard tubes."

by the by,, you trouble shooting sense seems to be right on track.


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Kenwood T-599A/D XMTR Multi-Section Electrolytic Capacitors

Post by WA9WVX » Fri Sep 04, 2009 1:51 am

Hello Ton,

Don's probably correct regarding the exact Kenwood replacement components on a 30~34 year old transmitter. Most of the big name capacitor manufactures have discontinued making Multi-Section High Voltage capacitors since most "if" not all of the equipment is now solid state with much Lower Voltage and Size requirements.

Now you still can find some Higher Voltage Electrolytic Multi-Section Capacitors for restoration of Antique and/or Boat Anchor type radio equipment such as your older Kenwood T-599A/D Transmitter on the surplus market. These components may be indicated as New Old Stock or NOS but they never have been used prior to the sale price or date of purchase.

Here are the web site links: ... ction.html

And Mouser's web site link:



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