G5RV jr. antenna

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G5RV jr. antenna

Post by W4MCX » Mon Aug 24, 2009 6:07 pm

can a G5RV antenna be fed with only 450 ohm twin lead, from a tuner, to feed point? The length of the feedline would be almost 50' and that is all....It would replace the rg-8x coax i now use with an air balun....email at radio4mike@bellsouth.net 73's tnx W4MCX

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G5RV Antenna & 450-Ohm Ladder Line

Post by WA9WVX » Tue Aug 25, 2009 5:50 pm

Hello Mike,

First of all you've posted a question on a Public Amateur Radio Forum (QTH.com) but only want an answer via your private e-mail address. Who benefits from this request ... just you? Your request defeats the purpose of a Public Forum so the new or experienced Hams cannot participate in the Question & Answer process.

Now on to using a G5RV Antenna, 450-Ohm Ladder Line and an Antenna Tuner in your residential home. Yes it can be accomplished but there are some considerations pertaining to the construction of your house's outside walls.

Since you live in southern Florida, many homes are built out of concrete block, wood frame with Stucco, Vinyl or Aluminum and/or Steel siding as each will pose it's own ptoblems pemetrating the outside walls and maintaining the 450-Ohm Ladder Line Impedance. Let's not over look the issue of Aluminum and/or Steel Gutters, Downspouts, Facett and Soffit which can easily detune the 450-Ohm Ladder (Feed) Line and Antenna "if" incorrectly fed through or near the metal itself.

If I'm not mistaken Stucco requires a Steel Mesh tacked up against the framework or outside walls before the Stucco plaster can be applied for the finished appearance. Penetrating the Steel Mesh could be a bit tricky using the proper Porcelin Stand-Offs, Feedthru and Spacing between the 450-Ohm Line.

Once you've reached the outside, Do Not allow the 450-Ohm Ladder (Feed) Line to lay on the Grounds surface unless you're not that concerned about the G5RV Antenna's performance,



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