need help w/ power line noise on hf

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need help w/ power line noise on hf

Post by KE5HTB » Mon Jul 13, 2009 2:34 pm

I am looking to see what I need to help the power company find poles with problems.

they use a yagi and a piece test equipment and I wish to know what I can make or buy or whatever is needed to locate problem poles the same way. We have a very bad noise level here s9+ on hf and 6m is s5-7. ( dont use 6m as much to say daily report)
but I do know it is not in my house as I shut house mains off used batteries and still have high levels at s9 at least noise. power company has fixed several pole problems and it has helped some. they come out 1 time a month now when that 1 crew has time and walk the area to check things. well I would like to help them out by trying my luck locating possible problem areas and maybe get my problems fixed as a team effort. they cant spend days walking this small town even though that is there jobs I can not expect that to happen either. They have more things better to do then chase noisey poles I am sure most days. but they are trying like I said. I just like to try my luck at locating poles and suspect areas for them to test over doing a block by block search 1 time a month. I am disabled so a mobile car setup be best I do have a ft-60r ht and a 7800r for the car and no HF for car yet. no antenna at least yet for car.
have 6m mobile I maybe able to move to car temp for testing.

SO I need a test setup to find noise from ther poles and xformers.

a weblink a place to find info would be cool. I have been reading and have basic idea just do not know how to implement a search and rescue for pole noises hihi.

radio ,antenna , general info pages links, a yagi 2m handheld pattern links
and the whole key is has to be able to make it or cheap as heck.
I am disabled on ssi so dont have allot but more then willing to build what I can. even looked at the tape measure yagi, rather build a small 2m yagi that will last a long time and not just for noise maybe out it to other uses like boyscout build them for them selves or emergency backup attic atnenna even ( I live in S.TX. hurricane area) so if I build I wish to build a 1/2 way decent model and be usable for other things then pole chasing if you understand what I mean. I do have some old tv masts and tubing to use for a small yagi just need a plan to build from that will work for poles 1st then use after for something.
even a possible iss chaser yagi or sat yagi for after pole chasing.

so any super help be apreicated email me at ke5htb at or here. i do not check here too often so direct be nicer with links or ideas please.

Fred Rugar

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RFI Noise from the Powerlines

Post by WA9WVX » Mon Jul 20, 2009 10:32 pm

Hello Fred,

I hope you're correct with your thinking thst you're experiencing AC Powerline Noise on the H.F.transceiver. I'm wonering "if" your Power Company has any approved BPL Signaling on their Transmission Lines Grid / System? If the Power Company has BPL you're facing an up hill battle with the Power Company and the F.C.C.

I've seen Powerline Noise generated on both the High Tension Powerlines that are fed from the Coal Fired and/or Nuclear Power Plants and the Normal Powerlines Sub-Stations that feed Homes and Commerbial Businesses alike.
You better be absolutely certaib which Powerlines are causing your noise problem.

I'm providing the Zap Checker website link:

This hand held device would help locate the Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) much quicker for your situation. Generally the Powerline service personnel will carry a VHF and/or UHF Yagis with them but you're looking for H.F. 1.8 ~ 30 MHz Interference and I haven't seen a "Portable H.F. 3 Element Yagi Beam" antenna available as a Homebrew or Commercially Manufactured covering the H.F. Bands.



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thanks for reply

Post by KE5HTB » Tue Jul 21, 2009 1:23 pm

If it wasnt for the `high cost it do what I need. I am disabled and $$ from SSI as we all know is well might as well be nothing hahah....

I started to use a simple am radio and drive the neighborhood and take kid with me when we find something loud he gets out and walks and gets pole numbers. have found 4 poles within 3 blocks of house so far with noises and I know there plenty more.

as far as power company they have been so far real good on responding within 30days cant expect too much more than that except if it takes longer i start to get pissed off and start more emails. but so far so good. same guys also that check lines so they know whats up and where they tested and not and each time they come they expand out 3-4 blocks as they can. they have replaced parts on 4 poles so far besides what I have found now. so they trying at least. this last email though I have to say they are slowing down.

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