Boom to element antenna brackets

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Boom to element antenna brackets

Post by w3fnz » Sat Mar 08, 2003 12:40 am

Hello All,
I have a KLM KT34XA beam and I noticed that 3 of the 6 boom to element brackets have a slight crack in the bakelite section. I know KLM is no longer in business and M2 has taken their spot but they don't have the brackets.
DX Engineering sells a replacement but they are quite expensive.
Anybody know where I might be able to locate some replacements. I'd like to replace all 6.
Thanks, Walt w3fnz

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Boom to element antenna brackets

Post by mfarrer » Mon Mar 10, 2003 12:54 am

Hi, The boom to mast insulators were most likely injection molded lexan. If the cracks are superfical. don't replace them. If you see any lateral droop, and the crack is on the top side, then you may have a problem. There is no easy replacement unless you want to build an angle bracket with a muffler clamp and PVC insulators to support the element. I can send you a sketch if you need to do it. 73's
Mel, K6KBE

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