DAYTON Hamvention 2006 ~FINAL, Pictures & Story lines po

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DAYTON Hamvention 2006 ~FINAL, Pictures & Story lines po

Post by w4clm » Sat May 27, 2006 1:32 am

Hi Gang,

Yaesu announced it's newest High-end HF rig the FT-2000 tht will replace the the MK-V Field) Should be out some time by the end of July
selling price to be right at 3 Kilo bucks. It's quite a bargin considering it's got most of the same built in technology as the $11 thousand dollar FTdx-9000, from the sae family. Will be making a web page for it soon.

Basically got the Dayton Hamvention 2006 web page set up and running. Worked on it on and off this week as I found the time. I'm sorry about the picture quality but we had to bring down the resolution for the guys still running dial up connections! Heck I'm still using an FT-207R hand held, so who am I to speak!

Any way. I think I got all the good pix on line now. You can see Gordon West, Bob Heil, Chip Margelli, Riely Hollingsworth, all of the big time players in Yaesu Engineering and more. Oh yes and me too!


Got to run. 73s
Best Regards
Carol W4CLM

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